‘No Man’s Sky’ Update: Game Linked to ‘Waking Titan’ and Cassette Tapes Remain a Mystery

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It could have been Hello Games’ try during removing some-more fans on house a “No Man’s Sky” community, though a 16 cassette tapes they expelled have a veterans of a diversion scratching their heads. No one has nonetheless to interpret what a tapes mean, though a gossip indent is present with speculations about some of a tapes.

Facebook/NoMansSky“No Man’s Sky” related to “Waking Titan”

The poser began on Jun 1, when Hello Games dispatched a series of mods for “No Man’s Sky.” The mods enclose a usual, solely for one fasten that is numbered a initial of sixteen. The fans struggled to find something that can play it and once that was overcome, a essence of a fasten yielded no answers and usually gave them another poser to solve about Hello Games’ flagship franchise.

One of a some-more evidence-based speculations in a gossip indent was suggested by Kotaku. Although it is obvious that Side A of a cassette tapes played behind music, Side B incited out to be some-more interesting, that when converted to spectogram and run by a letter-substitution naught yielded a word “portal.” Considering that “No Man’s Sky” is large on portals, a exhibit got fans hyped adult for no apparent reason so far.

Another baffling thing has held a courtesy of a “No Man’s Sky” community. It seems that it is connected to another ARG diversion patrician “Waking Titan.” According to the fans, a many startling thing about “Waking Titan” came when a formula in a game, MDEzRDowMDc4OjA3MjQ6MDA1Ng==, was converted from base64 to ASCII and a set of coordinates returned (013D:0078:0724:0056). A Reddit user has forked out that these are coordinates somewhere in a star of “No Man’s Sky.”

There are many questions about a activity of Hello Games, that has so distant been dedicated to improving a star of “No Man’s Sky.” The cassette tapes might have been to lift interest, though their tie to “Waking Titan” could be a pointer that they are perplexing to chuck off a gamers and have them concentration on that diversion instead. “No Man’s Sky” is still adult and running, though who knows for how long.

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