No Man’s Sky Update 1.5 Releasing Soon, ARG Says It Involves …

No Man’s Sky refurbish 1.5 is apparently in a works, according to several new developments in a Waking Titan ARG. While there’s still lots to discover, mirrors seem to be during a core of a latest mystery.

Investigation began final week when a central Waking Titan website reverted to a customary console prompt. Fans found that typing in a “whois” authority yielded a respond #WHATIS1.5. The arrogance to be drawn from that hashtag, is that No Man’s Sky’s subsequent large patch will skip 1.4 wholly and burst to 1.5, implying this refurbish is so estimable it requires a incomparable jump.

However, holding on a purpose of true space explorers, a community’s questions didn’t stop there. Users also beheld a tenth glyph during a bottom of a page that didn’t exist before. Clicking on it led to a confused summary and couple to an image-focused Google Drive repository. The content reads as follows:


“Dear Elizabeth

“We have finished estimate 10,000 passes as per your requirements. You should
have them in time for a subsequent phase. we unequivocally wish we will like a final product.

Kind regards,


The 10,000 passess are expected a refrence to a earthy V4 Atlas Passes that have nonetheless to be mailed to a ARG’s many dedicated followers. If a minute is a thoughtfulness of a real-world standing of those shipments, they should be nearing soon.

It’s a images, however, that are distant some-more interesting. Taken from an progressing theatre of a 1.3 ARG, they uncover fans holding a No Man’s Sky logo adult to mirrors. The judgment is even reinforced by information in a glow names. When converted to hexadecimal code, a total names exhibit a anagram, “moirrr.”

Shortly after fans common these findings, dual websites associated to a ARG were relaunched. The Superlumina site now says “process terminated,” while Myriad 70 simply says 1.5, in brackets. Below those digits are 6 hexadecimal strings that spell a scold word, “mirror.”

What we can discern from these extensively clues, then, is that No Man’s Sky 1.5 has something to do with mirrors. When Waking Titan initial began this summer, a puzzles were preempted with a concentration on a word “portal.” Those portals after became an in-game tie of a Atlas Rises update. When it comes to mirrors, though, fans have nonetheless to figure out how they competence describe to No Man’s Sky’s future.

No Man’s Sky is accessible now on PS4 and PC.

What do we consider of this latest proviso of Waking Titan? How do mirrors describe to 1.5? Tell us in a comments section!

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