No Man’s Sky Update 1.34 Fixes Atlas Rises Update Bugs – IGN

No Man’s Sky’s latest update, 1.34, is out now and it addresses a few bugs and issues that were benefaction with a new Atlas Rises update.

According to a game’s patch notes, refurbish 1.34 adds a ability for players to teleport between stations and to their base. It also fixes animations for several NPCs and prevents save files from severely augmenting in distance due to a vast series of portal visits.

The patch also increases a series of paths that can be rendered on a galactic map alongside improving a grouping of icons on a map to improved arrangement missions.

The full refurbish 1.34 records are as follow:

  • Fixed an emanate where vast numbers of portal visits would be combined to save files, severely augmenting a save distance and stopping a ability to save a game.
  • Prevented a turf editor removal in assign when modifying dull voxels
  • Prevented players being means to revise turf outward their bottom radius for giveaway while station inside their base
  • Fixed responses done to Artemis and Apollo during times being wrongly tracked
  • Prevented players being blocked from surpassing if they decrease to enter glyphs into a sold story portal
  • Fixed instances where Atlas calm was appearing as yet it came from an NPC
  • Fixed FoV in print mode display degrees as a temperature
  • The find shade will now uncover images from a incomparable series of visited waypoints
  • Added a placeholder picture in cases where a waypoint picture is not available
  • Allowed scrolling of names on a find page that are too prolonged to be displayed
  • Fixed a graphical emanate where a fuzz outcome would be practical while teleporting
  • Improved prioritization of systems we have teleported from when inventory your many new teleport locations
  • Altered teleporters in space stations to concede players to teleport directly to other stations as good as to their base
  • Improved grouping of icons on a galactic map to some-more accurately prove missions and complement information
  • Increased limit series of paths that can be rendered in a galactic map
  • Improved coming of a summary displayed when your starship is out of range
  • Fixed warning pitch on damaged tech appearing too small
  • Fixed an emanate that infrequently caused glyphs not to be awarded correctly
  • Fixed an emanate in educational messaging when we scold your beat expostulate though zero else before entering your ship
  • Added a volume of units we will acquire for a find to a Analysis Visor interface
  • Added scold tension animations for several interactions with NPCs
  • Fixed an emanate when claiming a new bottom plcae (which caused bottom NPCs to stop responding)

The patch comes on a heels of another refurbish progressing this week that addressed other issues players have been encountering given No Man’s Sky’s final vital update.

For some-more on No Man’s Sky, check out a full sum about a Atlas Rises update, that combined 30 hours of story calm to a diversion according to developer Hello Games, as good as singular online commune called “Joint Exploration.” Following a Atlas Rises refurbish release, IGN took a demeanour during either it makes a diversion value going behind to.

Alex Gilyadov is a freelance author for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter. 

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