No Man’s Sky Update 1.3 Being Teased for August

July 9, 2017
Written by Zarmena Khan


A request found within a swap existence diversion Waking Titan seems to be hinting that a subsequent No Man’s Sky refurbish (1.3) will be out in August. For those who don’t know of a background, a puzzling ARG related to No Man’s Sky has been promulgation mysterious messages about a diversion for a month. We quickly lonesome it here though if we wish some-more details, this page and a source listed subsequent do a good pursuit of explaining what’s been going on.

Long story short, Waking Titan players recently found a PDF, that states:

We wish to extend a thankfulness to everybody who has contributed to a Mercury Subroutine so far. We wish we have enjoyed a successful placement of 180 Access IDs, and we wish we will also conclude a other engaging artifacts we have in store for we going forward. We intend to keep a routine alive until a execution of Project Waking Titan in August. It is critical to discuss that we are really vehement by a entrance Phases 2 and 3. Input from a Mercury Subroutine will pave a approach toward new practice in chronicle 1.3 of a informed universe. We demeanour brazen to a successful end of this ground-breaking experiment. Regards. S.M.

“180 entrance IDs” expected refers to a 180 giveaway copies of No Man’s Sky that have been distributed among Waking Titan players so far, and you’ve substantially already guessed who sealed off a request with those initials – Sean Murray.

Players are assured that “1.3 of a informed universe” refers to a subsequent No Man’s Sky update. The game’s last patch, 1.24, expelled in March.

We’ll keep a readers posted.

[Source: Reddit]

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