No Man’s Sky PS4 and PC Update set to dump tomorrow with ‘ground-breaking’ news

The summary mentions new practice in chronicle 1.3, nonetheless what these new facilities could be are adult for discuss until Hello Games select to exhibit all.

The games many dedicated players had found a website, that once registered, gave entrance to a Twitch livestream.

Again this contained some-more clues that hinted that something large is entrance on Jul 21.

It incited out to be a promote being done by Atlas Foundation CEO Elizabeth Leighton.” explains a post on a games main Reddit page.

“In a video, she speaks about a work Atlas is doing. In it, she invites everybody to join a Citizen Science Division during

“10,000 turn 4 Atlas passes will be sent to a incidentally comparison pool of people. What these passes indicate us to, we don’t know.”

Obviously, a game has more than 10,000 players, which had lead many people to trust this could be some arrange of beta exam for new facilities for a game.

There were even some suggestions that it could open adult a whole new universe to explore, though again, no one will know until Hello Games finally lift a screen on this large surprise.

What is known, is that it positively isn’t a beta, as according to one of a games categorical Reddit Moderators:

“Hello Games has sensitive me a turn 4 Atlas passes will NOT clear a beta chronicle of No Man’s Sky. we repeat, it will NOT lead to a beta chronicle of No Man’s Sky.”

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