No Man’s Sky Players Who Colonized A Galaxy Now Have To Find A New Home

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No Man’s Sky’s immeasurable star was partial of a initial appeal. You would go from world to planet, totally alone, anticipating and fixing things along a way. For some players, that was too desolate, so they banded together to make a Galactic Hub, a apportionment of No Man’s Sky that acted as a home base. After a many new update, those determined trade routes, farms and bases became unrecognizable. So, a village leaders of a Galactic Hub had to find a new home for their adventures.

The Hub That Was

According to actor 7101334, a owner of a Galactic Hub, it was ostensible to be a place where No Man’s Sky players could settle into an orderly community. The goals of a plan were to emanate a place in a concern of No Man’s Sky where players would have informed landmarks, so they could get started with a bit some-more of a guide. Scott, also famous by his hoop UniDestiny, pronounced over a phone that a initial thing any actor would see when they got to a heart was a Lennon star system, that is a designated entrance indicate into a Hub for all players. “Everybody posts a pic of removing there, and going down on a planet,” he said. “For some of us, it took a prolonged time to get there.”


“Near” and “far” are relations terms in a diversion like No Man’s Sky. Some players competence parent unequivocally tighten to Lennon, while other parent unequivocally distant from it. No matter a distance, however, fasten a heart was an active choice, and compulsory some legwork to get there. Warping into Lennon and afterwards visiting a collateral planet, Drogradur, was a right of thoroughfare for players who grinded their approach to a hub.

Rembuk Flats on Drogradur, pre 1.3. Source: No Man’s Sky Wiki

When we finished it there, what you’d find was an organized, useful village to acquire you. Against all odds, a Hub managed to favour over 5,000 ardent players who located and noted useful equipment for incoming players, like multitools and ships, and even set adult village farms that everybody could tend, collect and use for trade. If we motionless to burst into Lennon and join a hub, we would know that we were fasten a real, operative civilization that could net we not only good collection and lots of credits, though people who would uncover we a ropes and maybe even turn your friends. Then 1.3 came, and things changed.

What They Lost

The 1.3 update, also famous as Atlas Rising, was generally a story overhaul. It gave players a lot of things they wanted—better steering on ships, operative portals, and overhauled graphics. 1.3 also made changes to a biomes of planets, as good as how animals were generated, that meant that planets could change overnight. The members of a Hub were faced with definitely opposite planets and systems post-update. AndyKrycek6, a judge during a Galactic Hub subreddit, pronounced that a farms he used to revisit are now inaccessible. Every day, he used to be means to revisit 4 farms finished by other players and collect their Nip Nip, that is fundamentally only “a sharp plant,” he says. Each trade post, found in Space Stations or incidentally generated spots on planet, has a opposite economy where resources are value opposite amounts of in-game units. For a prolonged time, offered Nip Nip to NPCs was unequivocally profitable. “Travelling to these systems on a daily basement supposing me with a resources we have currently in NMS,” he said. “They no longer exist as possibly a [player] has altered on or a refurbish busted their bases.”


The arguable landmarks of a Hub have now also changed, as good as a flora and fauna. “Our collateral planet, Drogradur … incited into a solidified solitude after a prolonged time as a pleasant beauty,” 7101334 said.

Drogradur’s Portal, post 1.3. Source: A_Imma

7101334, who is also a heading consultant on animals in a Galactic hub, or a Lead Exozoologist, also said, “We consider a strong Caesarus, largest fauna category ever detected in No Man’s Sky, has left extinct.” Planets that were were scanned before to a refurbish will still list those plants and animals as vital there if we check a in-game detected species, though 7101334 and other members of a heart simply have not seen a Caesarus given a refurbish hit.

The now archaic Caesarus. Source: No Man’s Sky Wiki

Post update, a Hub was only unrecognizable. “My bottom sat within cheering stretch of dual trade posts, a portal, opposite kinds of cold stone formations. we suspicion it was a good place and we was vehement to continue into 1.3 from there,” Scott said. “The reset incited it into a empty world with totally opposite geography. That was a many unsatisfactory thing, only saying that this place we had gotten to know unequivocally good was only gone.” But rather than dwell on a things they’d lost, Scott, 7101334 and their compatriots motionless to make a confidant pierce into a future.

The Galactic Council

In response to those changes, 7101334 finished a Galactic Council. Scott, also famous as UniDestiny, told Kotaku over a phone that, “It’s only a imagination name for a organisation of people that have been in a heart for a while and know a instruction it’s going, and where it’s been.” Finding a new segment wasn’t a tough partial for them. “We mostly looked for a circuitously segment that resembled a home segment a … Rentocnii Conflux,” 7101334 said. AndyKrycek6 called what they were looking for a “Tree” finished galaxy. “The aged Hubs’ stars finished what looked like a outrageous tree like structure, that finished it unequivocally graphic in a galaxy,” he said. “If we start from a bottom of a ‘trunk’ and work your approach adult it narrowed and bloomed into a cloud of stars, like a leaves/branches of a tree … As so many [players] were used to this structure we motionless to find a similar, if not exact, set up.” Here’s a Rentocnii Conflux, with a tree figure loosely outlined:

Source: No Man’s Sky Wiki

Very quickly, legislature members got trustworthy to a segment called a Shungka Void. From there, a few members of a legislature scouted out systems and planets and sent cinema behind to a rest of a council, who were all conduct down in a logistical work of scheming new systems and databases for a village of several thousand people.


In vocalization to a members of a Galactic Council, we competence feel like you’re articulate to a unconventional space government. Logistically, a pierce took a lot of work, generally in terms of formulating a new wiki for a Hub from a belligerent up. The Wiki was a profitable apparatus for players, obsessively catalogued with any discovery. In sequence to move, they’d have to refurbish this apparatus for a Shungka Void. The people who came together to do that enclosed Scott, a No Man’s Sky cartographer who finished maps of a stars to assistance players navigate space; Seamonkey420, who wrote a book to assistance players fill out Wiki pages, as a Wiki would have to be wholly rebuilt; pahefu, who has finished an app to modify glyphs into world coordinates; and of march Hub owner 7101334. There are 19 people in a Council, and they spent a week together compliance aged systems and scheming a village for a move. It was a quick moving, ardent Discord group. “It would take about 5 mins to locate adult if we went divided for an hour,” Seamonkey420 said. Scott told me that between a legislature and his full time job, he wasn’t sleeping much.

Because No Man’s Sky is a diversion that’s still in flux, a legislature attempted to emanate systems that would grow as a diversion continued to be updated. It wasn’t dispute free—there were disagreements over how new planets should be named—but a legislature was means to finish a pierce 6 days faster than coming by operative together, according to 7101334.


Over this past weekend, a Galactic Hub had a celebration to contend goodbye to a aged Hub, that they now impute to as a Legacy Hub. Players would tour to a former collateral world of Dragradur, leave messages for other players, and use a portal there to burst to a new system. They speedy streamers and YouTubers to come to a event, and in these videos we can see that a area is flooded with messages from other players:

Scott described this as bittersweet. “We unequivocally enjoyed a things that we’d finished in a aged hub, though we’re vehement to start things in a new place,” he said. “A lot of this was arrange of experimental, to get an thought for what we were doing and now we can do it unequivocally right a second time.” The review felt a small like articulate about graduating from college. “The best partial of a final refurbish was a print mode… I’ve got this outrageous manuscript of all I’ve explored and all I’ve done,” he said. “The approach we cope with it is coming it from that indicate of view. Yeah we did that, though it’s left now. Now we get to do it again, in this new place.

Source: 7101334

More than unhappiness or nostalgia, these legislature members are unequivocally vehement to see their new systems in action, find new flora and fauna, and make new bases. 7101334 hopes that this pierce will assistance a Galactic Hub village rise into a kind of Renaissance, where a Galactic Hub can have a stronger clarity of identity.


“I wish a Galactic Hub’s to rise some-more of a culture, for a [players] and a regions and a systems to have some-more specific identities.” he said. “An prolongation of a category complement will be themes for any region. For example, given I’m a Lead Exozoologist and Chancellor of Shungka Void, Shungka Void is “The Fauna Region”. Since 57Dynasty is a Lead Economist and Chancellor of Marmor Spur, Marmor Spur is “The Prosperous Region.’” In rebuilding a Galactic Hub, he hopes that it’s easier to know for newcomers, who will group to regions that fit their playstyle best.

By now, all players from a Legacy Hub should have altered to a Shungka Void. There’s a lot of work to do, including anticipating and voting on a new collateral world where new Hub members will land when they initial join adult (AndyKrycek6 says that Diplos, a fan favorite prolonged necked animals identical to a dinosaur Diplodocus that also inhabited a aged Capital of Drogradur, “are a must”). The legislature members are assured that a pierce was value it. “Change has come and I’m mostly only vehement to change a Hub with it,” 7101334 said. “It was a lot to coordinate and intimidating initially, though now that a horizon is set it’s mostly only sparkling to see a whole civilization reconstruct itself, improved than ever before.”

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