No Man’s Sky patch tweaks teleporters and fixes Atlas Rises bugs

No Man’s Sky’s Atlas Rises update has combined a garland of engaging biomes that Chris has enjoyed exploring. But it’s also brought some bugs to a game—bugs that developer Hello Games hopes to squish with a latest patch.

The refurbish will correct a series of issues, a many dire of that was players being incompetent to save their diversion since of artificially magisterial save files. Unfortunately, some players are still carrying difficulty post-patch, and Hello Games says it is stability to investigate.

The patch also fixes bugs related to a turf editor, glyphs, nonchalant NPCs and some blank animations, all of that are minute in the patch notes.

But it’s not only a correct job: a patch tweaks teleporters so that players can now diverge from one space hire to another, rather than only behind to their base. It should take a bit of con out of removing around a functionally gigantic world.

It’s a third patch in a final 10 days, and we can design some-more to come to correct other problems with a Atlas Rises update. 

I’ve still not jumped into No Man’s Sky, though many of what I’ve review about a update— that overhauled a game’s executive story, combined a new goal complement and introduced watered-down online co-op—has been positive. For those that have played around with it: is now a good time to bound on board?

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