No Man’s Sky Patch 1.63 Is Out Now, Includes Space Bikes

No Man’s Sky has been given a sincerely large patch that fixes and tweaks loads of stuff, though who cares about that since it also brings space motorbikes, and they looks rather awesome. They’re indeed called ‘Pilgrims’ though that’s a really lifeless name for a really voluptuous bit of kit.

Here’s a video of it action, it’s from some YouTuber so apologies for that.

And here’s a rest of a patch notes, not that we caring BECAUSE SPACE BIKES!

Patch 1.63

  • Added a new Exocraft, a Pilgrim. Purchase a blueprints for a Pilgrim Geobay from a Blueprint Analyser.
  • Added an Exocraft Summoning Station that once built on a planet, permitting all owned exocraft to be summoned from anywhere on that planet. Purchase a blueprints for a Exocraft Summoning Station from a Blueprint Analyser.
  • Increased a register distance of all Exocraft.
  • Increased a bottom speed of a Colossus.
  • Added ascent modules for a Exocraft, identical to a modules accessible for ships, Multi-Tools and a Exosuit. Upgrade Modules are treacherous for Nanites from a Exocraft Technician once their query sequence is complete. Modifiable stats embody tip speed, boost power, fuel efficiency, gun repairs and more.
  • Expanded a Exocraft Quick Menu options to concede all owned and in-range Exocraft to be summoned, not usually a stream primary Exocraft.
  • Added a ability to customise your Exocraft with singular paint, decals and boost molecule options.
  • Added specific record to customise Exocraft handling, permitting drivers to spec their vehicles for hold or drift.
  • Added a speedometer arrangement to a HUD while pushing an Exocraft.
  • Fixed a series of issues with car races, quite in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an emanate where Exocraft with laser upgrades could still not cave substances that compulsory an Advanced Mining Laser.
  • Fixed an emanate where Exocraft could not cave turf resources.
  • Fixed an emanate where a Race Initiator was not accessible during a Blueprint Analyser.
  • Improved a opening of turf tessellation on PC (EXPERIMENTAL).
  • Improved a visuals when highlighting objects with a Analysis Visor.
  • Fixed an emanate where players could not mislay a 5-Star wanted level.
  • Fixed an emanate that prevented a Blaze Javelin from banishment while zoomed in with a Combat Scope.
  • Fixed an emanate where players who were on a other side of a portal during a launch of NEXT would see their portal lapse pen in an shabby position.
  • Fixed an emanate where NPCs could use a wrong audio.
  • Fixed an emanate where frigate load would be mislaid if register space wasn’t accessible on alighting on a frigate.
  • Fixed an emanate where speed upgrades were not refunded when a speed was cancelled.
  • Fixed an emanate where players were incompetent to land on frigates owned by other people in multiplayer.
  • Added a ability to cycle between frigates when observation a fleet.
  • Fixed an emanate where freighters could not be purchased with other players on board.
  • Fleets can now be seen from a world surface.
  • Fixed an emanate where frigates would return their colours to blue and white.
  • Added arrangement of heavenly coordinates to starship dashboard.
  • Fixed a series of issues with actor position being saved wrongly while on a other side of a portal in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an emanate that caused players returning to a Base Computer around a teleporter to parent inside a Base Computer filigree and be vigourously ejected.
  • Fixed an emanate where players were being asked to build a guide for a Base Scientist though didn’t know a blueprint.
  • Fixed an emanate that could means Delivery missions to need a wrong piece during a hand-in step.
  • Fixed an emanate that could means missions that concerned temptation to ask an shabby object as a bribe.
  • Fixed an emanate that could means a Atmosphere Harvester to collect an shabby piece on specific singular biomes.
  • Fixed an emanate that could means Atmosphere Harvesters (and other identical remote entertainment technology) to run out of fuel and dull a collection hopper when a actor left a system.
  • Fixed an emanate that could means Automated Mining Units to cave an improper piece from turf apparatus deposits.
  • Fixed an emanate that caused bottom building warning messages to be displayed immediately after rightly constructing a building.
  • Fixed an emanate that caused a ‘Find nearest building’ vigilance upholder choice to find usually buildings of a same form as a nearest building.
  • Starships will now be placed on accessible alighting pads when teleporting behind to a player’s base.
  • Fixed a series of other issues inspiring starship alighting and collision.
  • Fixed an emanate that could concede mixed starships to be docked on a same alighting pad in multiplayer.
  • Non-primary actor ships are returned to a freighter when a freighter is called in, preventing them apropos henceforth mislaid or broken.
  • Further softened a complement to mislay irrelevant bases from a teleport list.
  • Fixed an emanate that could means starship engines to sound too loud.
  • Fixed an emanate that could means a camera to pitch extravagantly when rising a starship.
  • Prevented Quick Menu hotkeys from holding outcome while other UI panels are open (eg during content chat).
  • Fixed a pile-up associated to a Quick Menu.
  • Fixed an Xbox One-specific pile-up in networking.
  • Fixed a pile-up in AI boat behaviour.
  • Fixed a pile-up in a turf complement when reloading an autosave.
  • Fixed an emanate that could means bad opening on a Discoveries menu.
  • Fixed an emanate that could means additional memory use on some AMD systems.

Source: No Mans’s Sky

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