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September 27, 2018Written by Gerard Howard III

no mans sky refurbish september 2018

Following continual fibre of courteous updates, Hello Games took time to speak about their many new No Man’s Sky patch 1.61 , as good as a Space Anomaly’s subsequent village investigate mission.

The goal sees those Atlas-bound hooligans Nada and Polo intercepting some-more supernatural signals from a relate of another apparent Traveler-Entity. This will need we to find them out to expose a inlet of their puzzling existence. Quicksilver will be awarded to players on completing a mission, that can be used to squeeze disdainful collectables.

Along with the No Man’s Sky investigate goal are dual glamours placeable portraits of associate Travelers Artemis and Null, since let’s be real, we don’t have many friends in space, okay? You could do with a few reminders that they’re out there.

The No Man’s Sky patch will also give horticultural enthusiasts a possibility to arrangement 3 forms of customizable tree varieties: perfumed fruit, spindle, and evergreen.

Other some-more technical fixes are listed below:

  • Fixed a pile-up in a discerning menu.
  • Added a warning summary when attempting to upload a bottom that exceeds a existent server upload limit.
  • Fixed an emanate where a build menu would spasmodic switch to a discerning menu.
  • Fixed an emanate where mixed goal markers could seem over relocating objects.
  • Fixed an emanate on PS4 where players could join multiplayer sessions with players on a opposite patch chronicle of a game.
  • Improved some translated text

Hello Games will continue to work on and supply players with serve updates and missions. What stories have we got to tell about your No Man’s Sky knowledge within a Next update? Let us know in a comments, below!

[Source: No Man’s Sky]


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