‘No Man’s Sky’ Now Has Biological ‘Living Ships’ And Giant Space Monsters

No Man’s Sky continues to develop in fascinating ways, and that’s a matter we can take utterly literally with this new update.

The new 2.3 patch is called a “Living Ship Update” and it is accurately what it sounds like. You can now get biological, vital space ships that grow and develop in singular ways.

There’s a good volume about a refurbish we still don’t know yet, though we will start your office of a new biological boat with a story query (“The Call of a Void Egg”) and we will apparently, utterly literally, induce your possess ship. So no, this isn’t we usually sitting around in a spaceport watchful for something to come in so we can dump a million credits on it.

These new Living Ships come with wholly new tech inside that you’re going to need to ascent in non-traditional ways, according to Hello Games, so it competence be some-more than usually a element grind. And it competence in fact have something to do with another new further to a game, that we can unequivocally usually report as “giant space monsters.”


Yeah, this refurbish also brings some new hulk objects and/or lifeforms that we can confront in space. Sometimes they competence prerogative we with things if we uproot them, infrequently they competence conflict we (and afterwards prerogative we with things if we kill them). Some of these demeanour truly wild, and if we told me No Man’s Sky would get to a indicate where hulk dinosaur skulls are floating in space, we would have never believed you.

There are other smaller things in this refurbish besides Living Ships and space encounters. You can now be hailed by NPCs looking to trade while in space, and there are improvements to register government and warping with friends in a organisation as well.

I sojourn deeply tender with what No Man’s Sky has built over a final few years. we kind of fell off a sight (around a vehicles refurbish approach behind when), as we kept feeling like we should be starting over with any large new update, though we know a lot of people stranded around, and if you’re picking adult a diversion for a initial time now, we consider we have left good over even what was betrothed in that initial hype-up duration for a diversion that everybody decried during launch. we have no thought how prolonged Hello Games will continue to siphon work into No Man’s Sky, though with any new refurbish we am always preoccupied to see what they add. And this Living Ship thing is no exception.

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