No Man’s Sky "Next" Graphics Update Comparison

The vast new refurbish for No Man’s Sky, dubbed Next, creates a vast series of changes and additions. At slightest on paper, it’s a dramatic overhaul for countless areas. While these new mechanics and gameplay elements–along with multiplayer–are a many sparkling components of a giveaway update, developer Hello Games has also given a diversion a flattering good visible makeover.

As minute in a blog post surveying all of a changes and patch notes, Hello shows how it has softened a graphics of No Man’s Sky. This includes “massively softened pull distance,” permitting we to see serve into a horizon, and “new energetic tessellation [that] capacitate minute turf tallness maps but sacrificing performance.” The latter won’t indispensably be accessible to everyone, as Hello records that “tessellation will be rolling out in relation to all platforms that can support it really soon.”

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Although Hello lumps them in with a visible improvements, some of these changes are some-more than only visible enhancements. For instance, while it says a surfaces of planets “look some-more engaging and deputy from orbit,” a tangible embankment can now be different, too. Hello says that it’s softened “planetary turf era [to] emanate some-more sundry visitor environments, featuring aloft plateau and some-more passable cavern systems.”

You can see some comparison images above and next (use a slider apparatus to see how things looked before and after a update). The changes also extend to out space, where you’ll find asteroid rings around planets, among other improvements.

Gallery picture 1Gallery picture 2

The need for a visible renovate is not what hold No Man’s Sky back, and we’ll be diving in to see how a gameplay additions smoke-stack up. But this is all a acquire further to what’s looking like a really good set of changes for a giveaway update.

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