‘No Man’s Sky Next’: A Guide To Exosuit And Starship Inventory Management

‘No Man’s Sky Next’Credit: Hello Games

Inventory government is a plea in No Man’s Sky Next. When a diversion starts we have a Starship with 15 register slots and a 24 container Exosuit. Three Exosuit and five  Starship slots are taken with collection like a Mining Beam and Launch Thruster withdrawal 21 open slots in the Exosuit and 10 in a Starship. They fill adult quickly. The register break is even worse than it competence creatively seem since entrance to a Starship is mislaid when we pierce a comparatively brief stretch divided while exploring a world on foot.

The problem is exacerbated by a need to constantly recharge mining collection and a systems in a Exosuit that keep we alive on planets with antagonistic environments, that is customarily about all of them. Some of a elements indispensable for charging are abounding and easy to find on many planets though interlude to collect them any time they’re needed is an annoyance. It’s improved to persevere some of your register space to lift a batch of a many frequently indispensable elements with you.

Inventory government continues to be a plea when you’re in a Starship since we need both elements and crafted equipment to energy a ship’s thrust systems. For example, we can’t lift off a planet’s aspect if a Launch Thruster doesn’t have fuel. The fuel has to be crafted from an component and another crafted object that needs a opposite component to make. If a indispensable elements aren’t in your inventory, we have to leave a boat to find and collect them.

Here’s a relapse of a elements indispensable to assign your collection and energy your boat early in No Man’s Sky Next. Keeping this information in mind can assistance we make fit use of your register space depending on what it is you’re perplexing to accomplish.

Using a Terrain Manipulator.Credit: Digital Foundry

The Micro-tool

The Micro-tool doesn’t have any slots that can be filled with a elements we collect or a components we qualification though it contains a Mining Beam and Terrain Manipulator that are consistent component drains.

The Mining Beam is charged with Carbon, Condensed Carbon or Phosphorus. Carbon is found in trees and plants and is easy to locate and collect on many planets. Condensed Carbon can be harvested from harder-to-find crystals or polished from elementary Carbon. Phosphorus is found on destroyed planets.

Carbon is so easy to find you’re frequency in risk of being stranded though it. Ho, a Mining Beam gets so many use that it’s value devoting an register container to CO when you’re operative on a planet’s surface. A container can reason 250 Carbon.

The Terrain Manipulator is charged with Ferrite Dust, Pure Ferrite or Magnetized Ferrite. Ferrite Dust is found everywhere in many minerals (rocks). Pure Ferrite can be harvested from vegetable deposits and some vast rocks. It’s also a delegate component in some minerals and can be polished from Ferrite Dust. Magnetized Ferrite can be polished from Pure Ferrite.

Ferrite Dust is even easier to find than Carbon. If you’re digging adult buried equipment or harvesting apparatus deposits, devoting an register container to Ferrite Dust creates regulating a Terrain Manipulator some-more convenient. A container can reason 250 Ferrite Dust. Otherwise, there’s no genuine need to lift a batch of Ferrite in your Exosuit. It’s customarily easy to find when we need it.

‘No Man’s Sky Next’Credit: Hello Games

The Exosuit

Exosuit register space is changed when you’re out on a world and divided from your ship. The elements we need to work, a elements we collect and a things we find all have to fit in your Exosuit. It can be a consistent challenge.

The Exosuit has a load reason in further to a categorical inventory. Each of these containers strech 48 slots when entirely maxed out. That competence sound like a lot early in a game, though keep in mind that a load reason doesn’t turn accessible until after and expanding a Exosuit’s categorical register can be a delayed and costly process.

The Exosuit binds a Life Support and Hazard Protection systems. Both are essential to staying alive on planets with antagonistic environments.

Hazard Protection can be charged with Sodium, Sodium Nitrate, an Ion Battery or an Advanced Ion Battery. Plants that are easy to see during a stretch since they have a golden heat are a most straightforwardly accessible source of Sodium. Sodium can also be found as a delegate component in some minerals and in vast apparatus deposits. Sodium Nitrate can be harvested from yellow crystals if we have a Advanced Mining Laser ascent for a Mining Beam. It can also be polished from Sodium. Ion Batteries can be found or crafted.

Life Support can be charged with Oxygen, an Oxygen Capsule, Life Support Gel or Dioxite. The categorical source of Oxygen is plants that have a red glow. Oxygen can also be found as a delegate component in some plants. Dioxite can be found in apparatus deposits and as a delegate component in some minerals on solidified planets. Oxygen Capsules and Life Support Gel are crafted items.

The plants that are a categorical sources for both Sodium and Oxygen are not singular though not scarcely as accessible as Carbon and Ferrite Dust. It’s a good thought to haven apparatus slots in a Exosuit for any of these elements since we can die though them.

‘No Man’s Sky Next’Credit: Hello Games

The Starship

Starship inventories come in many sizes trimming from your starter ship’s 15 to a limit of 48. The customarily approach to boost boat register is to get a new ship. If we find a crashed ship, we can have it for giveaway though repair it is customarily prohibitively costly and time consuming. You can also collect adult roughly any boat we see during a space hire or trade post by possibly shopping it during full cost or including your possess ship in trade to revoke a cost. Be wakeful that if we trade ships, all in your boat goes with a ship. Whatever we don’t sell or pierce to a opposite register is lost.

Most of a ship’s thrust systems rest on both elements and crafted equipment for fuel and we need additional elements to make a crafted items. Needless to say, gripping your boat fueled can be a headache.

The Pulse Engine is a difference to a order since refueling doesn’t direct crafted items. It’s fueled by possibly Tritium or Pyrite. Tritium can be mined from asteroids that are easy to find around planets and space stations. Pyrite can be found in apparatus deposits and as a delegate vegetable on dried planets.

Tritium is easier to find than Pyrite though mining it involves blustering asteroids with your ship’s weapons and asteroids are done of possibly Tritium, Gold or Silver. Mining for Tritium constantly involves stuffing register slots with a other dual elements possibly we wish to or not.

It’s a good thought to persevere during slightest one register container in a boat to possibly Pyrite or Tritium so we don’t run out when regulating a hyperdrive to zip around a star system. An register container can reason 250 Pyrite or 500 Tritium. Pyrite is some-more fit than Tritium in fueling a Pulse Engine.

Mining Asteroids for Tritium.Credit: Digital Foundry

The Launch Thruster demands consistent recognition since it’s indispensable to lift a boat off a ground. If we run out of fuel, you’re stranded where we are. The Launch Thruster is powered by possibly Uranium or Starship Launch Fuel.

Uranium is found in apparatus deposits and as a delegate vegetable on hot planets. It can also be found in Metal Fingers on planets that aren’t radioactive.

Starship Launch Fuel is done from Di-hydrogen and Metal Plating. Di-hydrogen is mined from blue crystals that are common on roughly any planet. Metal Plating is done from Ferrite Dust.

It’s a good thought to persevere a container to your ship’s register to keep a prepared supply of fuel for a Launch Thruster. Each container binds 20 Starship Launch Fuel. If we can means a space, we can also smoke-stack 5 Metal Plating in a container that will giveaway we from carrying to leave your boat and hunt for elements if we run out of fuel and have some Di-hydrogen on hand. Do a crafting run to make Starship Launch Fuel when we get low avoids a con of creation a fuel when we need it.

The Hyperdrive is powered by a Warp Cell that is a many concerned fuel to make. Fortunately, we need it many reduction mostly as it’s customarily used when we diverge to a new star system.

Warp Cells are done from Antimatter and an Antimatter Housing. Antimatter is done from Chromatic Metal and Condensed Carbon. Chromatic Metal is polished from possibly Copper, Cadmium, Emeril or Indium. Copper is a many straightforwardly accessible and can be found in apparatus deposits on planets orbiting yellow stars. See a above territory on a Mining Beam for information about Condensed Carbon. An Antimatter Casing is done from Ferrite Dust (see a Terrain Manipulator) and Oxygen (see Life Support).

Making Warp Cells from blemish final too many register space given over to storing a indispensable elements. Warp Cells, Antimatter and Antimatter Casings can all be stored in stacks of five. A Starship container clinging to Warp Cells saves a lot of register space. If we can gangling a room, stacking Antimatter in a container can also be accessible since Antimatter is used for many things.

‘No Man’s Sky Next’Credit: Digital Foundry


It’s doubtful that you’ll have adequate register space to always have stacks of all a elements and crafted equipment we need. Choices have to be made. If you’ve review by to this indicate (or spent many time personification a game) we know that determining what to lift and what to accumulate when we need it is difficult and it mostly depends on what you’re doing during a time. Here’s a outline of recommendations formed on a information above.

  • Devote register slots in a Exosuit to Carbon, Sodium and Oxygen.
  • Add a container for Ferrite Dust if you’re going to be doing a lot of work with a Terrain Manipulator.
  • Devote an register container in a Starship to possibly Tritium or Pyrite. Pyrite is some-more efficient, though Tritium is easier to find.
  • Reserve Starship slots for Launch Fuel and Warp Cells. When possibly batch gets low, do a crafting run to fill it behind up.
  • Modify your register devise if we come opposite a good source for a hard-to-find choice for a elements we typically use.

I wish we found this essay useful. If we store things differently, greatfully share your ideas in a comments.

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