‘No Man’s Sky’ News: ‘Waking Titan’ Website Receives New Update, Hints during Potential Story Content

No Man’s Sky central websiteInteresting additions could be entrance to ‘No Man’s Sky’ in a nearby future

“No Man’s Sky” players are perplexing their best to figure out what facilities are entrance to a game, and interjection to a new development, it now seems expected that story-based additions are on a way.

For those who have not kept adult with what has been function lately, players recently detected that there was a couple between a diversion and a swap existence diversion famous as “Waking Titan.”

Since that couple was discovered, players have been examining “Waking Titan” and perplexing to figure out a stress and what it is hinting at. And now, a new refurbish for it is providing some-more clarity.

Checking out “Waking Titan” now, visitors can see that there is a typing prompt watchful for them.

After examining it for a while, players have detected that certain phrases that start with “WHOIS” lapse pieces and pieces of information.

Over on Reddit, players have posted some of a phrases that will outcome in new information display adult onscreen, such as “WHOIS ATLAS,” “WHOIS SENTINEL” and maybe many intriguing of all, “WHOIS FOURTH RACE.”

That final one is quite eyebrow-raising given there have been rumblings that a subsequent refurbish expelled for “No Man’s Sky” is going to underline a new race.

For now, that new competition has not been confirmed, though from those “WHOIS” phrases alone, players are already being given hints of a deeper storyline that might be denounced shortly that also facilities critical characters.

Perhaps players will even find out some-more about Atlas as good as a fourth race.

Notably, a developers have nonetheless to endorse that there is an tangible refurbish on a way, though new commentary have indicated that one might be expelled someday in August.

More news about a “Waking Titan” ARG and a additions that might be entrance to “No Man’s Sky” should be done accessible in a nearby future.

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