‘No Man’s Sky’ News: ‘Waking Titan’ Updated Again, Level 4 Atlas Passes May Be Handed Out Soon

No Man’s Sky central websiteSomething large could be expelled shortly for ‘No Man’s Sky’

The past few weeks have proven to be utterly engaging for members of a “No Man’s Sky” community, and it looks like they will continue to be for a while longer.

For those who might be unknowingly of what has been going on recently with a game, r/NoMansSkyTheGame Subreddit judge “UnimatrixZeroOne” has provided a minute outline of a events.

First off, there were cassettes handed out to opposite moderators and afterwards it was detected that a “Waking Titan” swap existence diversion was indeed associated to “No Man’s Sky.”

Then, there was also a special Twitch tide expelled progressing this month that called on players to join a Citizen Science Division.

It has also been suggested that Level 4 Atlas Passes are approaching to be distributed to some members of a game’s community.

More recently, additional events of seductiveness have taken place that are serve teasing something of significance.

Apparently, “Waking Titan” was updated again, and this time, it now facilities some new hurdles for players to work on.

On tip of that, in a separate thread on a same Subreddit, some players have also reported receiving a special email. According to “Goldengoose07,” a email appears to be associated in some approach to those aforementioned Level 4 Atlas Passes, as developers might be scheming to give these to a players who have managed to solve a puzzles.

Unfortunately, it is still misleading what these passes are for and what might be entrance shortly to a game.

Recent rumors have hinted that there could be an critical refurbish expelled subsequent month, and given a gait during that things are changing, it is not tough to suppose a developers releasing something large in a comparatively nearby future.

For now, “No Man’s Sky” players will only have to hang to elucidate a puzzles as they are released, and hopefully for them, they will find out what is entrance to a diversion earlier rather than later.

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