No Man’s Sky Malcontent Says He Was Just Role-Playing An Evil Emperor

Screenshot: No Man’s Sky (Hello Games)

Three days ago, a No Man’s Sky village celebrity saw one of her bases erased by a scandalous pennon who roleplays as a authoritarian overlord. In response, a village put their feet down.

SeriusGamerX, or SGX, is a pennon who especially plays No Man’s Sky. His whole gimmick is that he’s an immorality overlord, personification in impression as “The Gek Emporer,” whom he described over email to Kotaku as “a impression that is ostensible to be immorality … and [the] legitimate conquerors of a No Man’s Sky universe.” It’s common for his streams to start with orchestral song and self-aggrandizing speeches, that afterwards segues into him chain-smoking and articulate about his sinful skeleton with his friends as he roams around a No Man’s Sky universe.

SeriusGamerX is not a usually No Man’s Sky actor with a gimmick. Roleplaying is a large partial of a actor community, that includes player-made civilizations, governments and military forces, mostly populated by roleplayers behaving their parts. But a people who have run into SGX aren’t all down with this impression and behavior.

Lillihop, a actor who saw her bottom destroyed, is a No Man’s Sky community member who runs Cafe 42. It’s a No Man’s Sky fan space on a amicable networking site Amino, and it has over 400 members.

“It’s a many troll-free place I’ve ever been,” she pronounced over Twitter approach messages. “We’re neutral, and support all players—as prolonged as they aren’t doing tangible mistreat to others’ diversion play.” Lillihop is one of a few womanlike civilization leaders, something she takes honour in. She sees herself as a kind of go-between between civilizations, so when she saw that SGX was throwing a madness of other players and civilizations, she tweeted to him seeking to chat. Soon afterward, she tweeted that SGX had erased one of her bases and derided her on tide for being a woman, and was also melancholy to take another landmark bottom of hers she done as a present to another civilization. Her bottom isn’t a usually bottom that SGX has allegedly overwritten, though it was a usually one that came with a side assisting of sexist commentary.


The former plcae of Lillihop’s base.
Screenshot: Lillihop (No Man’s Sky)

Erasing a bottom in No Man’s Sky is flattering easy to do. Each universe can usually have a certain series of bases that are manifest to other players. In many communities, it’s deliberate respectful not to explain a bottom on a universe that has other bases on it already. What SGX did was go to planets in courteous space, clarification communities like Cafe 42 or a Galactic Hub, transport to places where he knew player-made bases existed, and explain bases during a same site, effectively destroying them. He’s also left some bold comments in his wake, all in gripping with his immorality overlord persona. In one stream, he re-words a criticism a integrate of times since a impertinence filter won’t let him contention his preferred message: “I pissed during your door.

The No Man’s Sky village has mostly stood behind Lillihop, in partial since of comments SGX done about her on his stream. “He went on and on of how it’s a fun for a womanlike to run a community, how females can’t run anything, etc,” Lillihop said. “I’m like family to everybody and they know I’m a lady so this usually set them off. I’m one of a few ever to have a full on civ, community, and building a heart with others now—as a girl. So it was a slap in a face, publicly, right after we offering to support him before he did something foolish that would means him to be hated.”


Popular No Man’s Sky YouTuber CobraTV tweeted to SGX that, “roleplaying does not embody being sexist and discrimination,” and 7101334, celebrity of a Galactic Hub, also encouraged other players to news SGX’s channel for harassment.

7101334 supposing Kotaku with a tip for restoring erased bases. If we go behind to a prior save where a bottom is manifest to other players, afterwards change a teenager component like stealing and afterwards adding a chair or a flag, your bottom will be manifest again within an hour.

No Man’s Sky shows a many recently updated base, not a many recently claimed base,” he said. “I’ve kept a info underneath wraps since we didn’t wish trolls to use a same technique, though with usually 14 days until [the subsequent update], we consider it would do some-more good than intensity mistreat during this point.”


SGX has not denied that he threatened Lillihop’s base, nor has he recanted his matter that he “doesn’t like womanlike leaders,” in No Man’s Sky. He usually doesn’t see what a large understanding is.

“I know some people don’t like a approach we roleplay,” SGX pronounced to Kotaku, “but do we get indignant during actors on shade when they play EVIL as partial of a character?” In a dual hour video patrician “A BIG MESSAGE TO THE NO MAN’S SKY COMMUNITY,” SGX reiterated this indicate countless times: he’s usually roleplaying, and a people who are criticizing him and stating his channel are a genuine bullies and harassers.


“Criticising me all over a internet as a celebrity is a thing that they should be ashamed of as a community!” he told Kotaku. “And pushing people into stating me and my channel and perplexing to close me down! That is a loyal face of a community!”

Lillihop pronounced over DMs that a No Man’s Sky roleplaying village members that she knows are “livid” during removing used as an forgive for SGX’s actions. One such group, a Collectors, roleplay as antagonists opposite a Galactic Hub; they addressed a conditions by tweeting their clarification of roplaying: “players assume a roles of characters and collaboratively emanate stories and establish a actions of their characters according to a complement of guidelines. Within a rules, they might improvise freely; and figure a game.” They added, “SeriusGamerX brings us pledge hour.”

Despite a blowback, SGX did not contend he has any goal of personification a diversion any differently. “For me in roleplay there has to be a leisure of choice! If I’m personification a immorality guy, afterwards we have to be immorality man also in a game!” he said. “Actual roleplay involves gameplay too. And if that means messing with people around a small bit, afterwards that’s what it is.”


Lillihop isn’t going to let a small robbery stop her from using her civilization and building new bases. “At this point, I’ve changed from a coffee crater bottom I’m famous for [that SGX is threatening] and relocated. He can take a base, though he won’t take a Cafe,” she pronounced over DMs. She described a No Man’s Sky village as a nation that a players who attend in courteous space live and, ideally, work together to protect. “We’re a protectors of dreams,” she said. “I theory when we see this make-believe as an prolongation of your possess world, we turn ardent about it and wish to see it flower and blossom.”

“Hello Games might never know my name, though we venerate what they’ve given me and my unnatural universe full of travelers a universe over that we adore,” Lillihop said. “I’ll always strengthen this, and I’ll always support it. It’s truly my home divided from home, and we appreciate them so most for that.”

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