‘No Man’s Sky’ latest update: Cryptic cassette tapes and ‘Waking …

It has been roughly a week given cassette tapes related to “No Man’s Sky” came out, and gamers are still clueless on possibly these are a pointer of things to come. There are 16 cassette tapes to interpret from Hello Games, that might be zero some-more than garbage. Could a association be perplexing to chuck a gamers off?

As mentioned in a prior post, a unexplained messages have gotten folks introspective on a puzzling tapes partial of a goody bags from Hello Games. Aside from these tapes, there were other equipment included, such as a poster. Were these meant to send a summary across? Or are they merely personification mind games?

The answer could go possibly way. Hence, a best approach is to interpret those tapes from Hello Games and figure out what a audio is all about. So far, any fasten has turn weirder and weirder. Side A ocarried mostly a measure for “No Man’s Sky” while a ambient sounds comprised a B side. There were hints of saying portals and gateways, that make clarity if a “Pathfinder” refurbish is extrinsic into a mix.

There is no revelation what lies brazen for “No Man’s Sky.” With those puzzling tapes throwing some people off, there are others who have changed brazen and stumbled on a diversion called “Waking Titan.” The worldwide ARG diversion might be a bit peculiar compared to “No Man’s Sky,” yet there are breadcrumbs forked out by Kotaku. Among them embody building on map locations, radio stations and others that describe steady references to “No Man’s Sky.”

The kicker comes in a “Waking Titan” formula “(MDEzRDowMDc4OjA3MjQ6MDA1Ng==).” When converted from base64 to ASCII, “013D:0078:0724:0056” was returned, tied adult by a Reddit user referring to a coordinates within “No Man’s Sky.” So are these dual games connected? If one goes deeper into a strings of letters and numbers, it positively seems so.  

The cassette tapes and a “Waking Titan” have totally thrown gamers in irregularity as of writing. They could spirit during something big, or afterwards again, during nothing. Hello Games is still doing a share of providing updates to urge “No Man’s Sky,” and these are unofficially being tied adult to a desirous space scrutiny diversion still unresolved in there.

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