‘No Man’s Sky’ Investigation Prompts Change In Steam’s Marketing Guidelines; ‘Dota 2,’ Other Games Affected

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Valve will be creation changes to a selling policies on Steam, following a debate surrounding Hello Games’ open universe space diversion “No Man’s Sky.”

According to Polygon, Valve has announced that all developers and publishers contingency use actual, in-game screenshots to foster and marketplace their games once their “Discovery Update 2.0” goes live.

“We haven’t been super frail on discipline for screenshots in a past, so we’d like to take this event to explain some manners in this space,” Valve’s UI engineer Alden Kroll. “When a ‘screenshot’ territory of a store page is used for images other than screenshots that etch a game, it can make it harder for business to know what a product is that they are looking at.”

As per this new guideline, in-game screenshots will now be prioritized over judgment art and other screenshots that are not deputy of a final game. To uncover that they will be following this new set of discipline as well, Valve went forward and private all artworks on a “DOTA 2” Steam page and transposed them with tangible diversion footage instead.

Krol serve simplified that a new process is some-more on enlivening developers to uncover people what they can indeed design from a game, and Steam will not go by a thousands of screenshots on a site, according to IB Times.

Some speculated that this pierce was done in a arise of “No Man’s Sky”‘s stream issue. The diversion is now being investigated by a Advertising Standards Authority for false advertising, following a report.

AzzerUK, a Reddit user who brought his concerns about “No Man’s Sky” to a regulatory house in a UK, pronounced that his goal is not to widespread hatred for both a diversion and a developers.

“But we did feel privately misled”, he said. “The selling of a diversion was really opposite to a finish game. The finish diversion is a shoal screenshot generator, and in some ways it reminded me of ‘Spore’.”

AzzerUK also enclosed Valve in a investigation. “I figured that if we wish Steam store pages for games to start descending in-line and stop dubious consumers, afterwards it would take consumers to indicate these problems out to a ASA, rather than all lay around on Reddit angry to any other though presumption that it’ll all get sorted by itself eventually.” a Reddit user said.

Stay tuned for some-more “No Man’s Sky” updates.

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