No Man’s Sky: How to Share Your Bases & Outposts

How to Share Your Bases and Outposts in No Man’s Sky

First introduced in No Man’s Sky patch 1.2 or a Path Finder refurbish behind in early 2017, online bottom pity authorised players to find, explore, and learn one another’s bases and outposts. Aside from being means to marvel during your artistic or practical-looking base, they can also plea your separate times in your really possess racing circuit. Sounds exciting, right? But how do we share and find bases and outposts in No Man’s Sky?

Player-created bases and outposts are stored on a game’s servers. This means that any and each traveler who creates a bottom will symbol a stamp in a game’s expanded open-world, if they spin on base-sharing. To activate base-sharing, simply toggle it from a menu. Do take note that as of a moment, a diversion usually supports one shareable bottom per system.

Bases and outposts can be speckled by simply drifting to a accurate location, advancing your ship, and walking towards a area. However, this is easier pronounced than finished due to a immeasurable series of planets and solar systems in a game’s common universe. To find your friend’s bases and outposts in No Man’s Sky, we need to submit accurate coordinates, including a specific star system.

For PC players, players can simply share and download bases by a Steam workshop. Do take note that this is really opposite from base-sharing. The Steam seminar simply allows we to share or download a base. Downloading a bottom will concede we to start a diversion in a downloaded base, though prevents we from saving a game. Basically, downloading bases is only a neat approach to conclude a person’s bottom design, if zero else.

No Man’s Sky is now accessible on PS4 and PC, with a Xbox One chronicle slated to launch on Jul 24 alongside a vital multiplayer-focused refurbish dubbed NEXT.

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