No Mans Sky Future Updates to Expand Universe

September 3, 2016
Written by Zarmena Khan

No Mans Sky Refund

In a new developer update, Hello Games has pronounced that nonetheless it’s been “inundated with feedback and discussion” about No Man’s Sky given a high-profile release, a group has been “listening carefully” to it regardless of a inlet of comments. The game, that became rather of a argumentative event on launch, has already left by several updates though Hello Games is still focused on solution issues before it moves on to “future giveaway updates that will improve, enhance and build on the No Man’s Sky universe,” according to a post on a website. The studio wrote:

Here’s what we’ve been bustling with over a 2-3 weeks given release:
• A community/support government group has been brought on board.
• Support issues lifted are been categorised by that team, and we are regulating them in sequence of priority.
• We’ve expelled 4 rags for PC and 4 rags for PS4.
• We’ve created adult patch records for all those patches. You can find them here.

Hello Games hasn’t nonetheless explained what it has in mind for a giveaway updates and how it intends to enhance a diversion though Sean Murray has formerly pronounced that he’ll make a diversion “about other things” than only scrutiny and survival.

[Source: No Man’s Sky]

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