‘No Man’s Sky’ Feb Update Lets You Grow & Fly Living Ships

No Man’s Sky (2016) has been on a hurl newly with a continual updates ever given a large ‘Beyond’ modernise in Summer 2019, that brought along with it VR support for PS4 and PC versions of a game. Now, developers Hello Games have expelled a ‘Living Ship’ update, that brings the initial new starship given ‘Atlas Rises’, it’s 1.3 refurbish expelled in 2017.

Hello Games owner Sean Murray says in a Steam blog post that a refurbish presents a new array of missions that takes players by a ancient Korvax experiments that led to a birth of a ship-like interstellar beings. Starting today, players will be means to incubate, grow, and fly their possess vital boat by visiting a Space Anomaly and following “the call of a Void Egg.”

Here’s Murray’s outline of a new vital ships:

These beautiful, organic, somewhat unusual ships are singly grown (and, as with all in a No Man’s Sky universe, procedurally-generated).They can’t be upgraded in a same approach as a normal ship: any one is away hatched, with a singular set of inner viscera that determines a abilities. If we wish a quick hyperdrive, you’ll need to maintain a right arrange of life within your ship…

As most courtesy has been given to a interior of a ships as a exterior. Void ships residence we within strange, organic cockpits, requiring players to fly their boat by rapacious vein-covered tendrils. It looks and feels formally unsettling to fly in VR!

The Living Ship refurbish also includes new discoverables such as “new space encounters to a extraterrestrial experience,” a studio says, as good as “[s]trange new lifeforms and puzzling objects [awaiting] between a planets, bringing some-more accumulation and singular practice to space travel.”

Furthermore, Murray reveals that this Jan has seen some-more players than any prior year. In-keeping with a some-more unchanging updates, Murray also calls this refurbish “hopefully a initial of many in 2020.”

The Living Ship refurbish comes prohibited on a heels of a ‘Bytebeat’ refurbish in Dec and the ‘Synthesis’ refurbish in November, that brought with it VR quadruped riding, VR print taking, and a series of peculiarity of life updates.

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