No Man’s Sky Fan Finds New Text Hinting At Something Big

(Last Updated On: Jul 26, 2017)

Yet another square of No Man’s Sky information has flush around a Waking Titan website that Sean Murray and Hello Games have published, that is improved famous as a alternate-reality diversion (ARG). However, a new anticipating by a fan points to something even bigger when one forms in a difference “WhoIs Sentinel” into a ARG’s text-bar.

If we don’t know, a Waking Titan website has been adult for a while now and not too prolonged ago a site was updated giving fans a immature light to form in commands and accept puzzling messages depending on a effect of a difference submit into a text-bar.

In further to a above, fans took a go during a wordless plea and found a list of things. One of a many things found comes in by Reddit user YourBasicMaths, who typed in a difference “WhoIs Sentinel” and perceived something in propinquity to a subsequent arriving refurbish that is rumored to dump this August.

Before jumping into what a new content has to say, imitative a difference (smashed together) “WhoIs” seems to prompt prolonged answers to a inquirer like “WhoIs Atlas,” that brings adult a brief poem about No Man’s Sky’s Atlas classification lore. With that said, we can review a new anticipating by YourBasicMaths.

YourBasicMaths also posted this content up, nonetheless he did not list what he typed in to accept a following text:

“They found bizarre things in a wrecks…
aberrations, information that spoke of worlds that
do not exist and events that did not happen.
One day Specialist Polo went out to investigate
one such craft, a life signature of a
Korvax still on board. They never returned.
Is this how Nada and Polo met?
Is this how my friends found any other?
There is a vigilance on a console,
a warning on repeat –
sixteen brief bursts of information in a loop.”

For additional info about a ARG site and a many new swell done by a village perplexing to solve a puzzling mysterious messages, we can strike adult a No Man’s Sky subreddit or to do some investigate of your own.

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