‘No Man’s Sky’ DLC: Update 1.3 to deliver a fourth race? What we …

The latest growth collected from proviso 2 of “No Man’s Sky” Alternate Reality Game (ARG) from a live Waking Titan website indicates a probable story enlargement that will deliver a new competition in a approaching recover of #update 1.3. Here’s what we know so far.

A probable story-based content

As players continue to rivet in finding some sparkling information that could spirit probable new essence entrance in Update 1.3 for PS4 and PC space indie title, “No Man’s Sky.”

Interestingly, it looks like players have recently perceived mysterious clues suggesting that a story DLC could be in a works. If this latest news is anything to go by, fans will expected see a further of an all new competition in a subsequent update.

Via a Waking Titan site, gamers have kept on perplexing to find a fascinating clues out of a second proviso of a ARG. Some of them even common their latest commentary over a game’s subreddit.

A new competition is coming?

Apparently, a phrases that drew out a most intriguing hints are those that start with “WHOIS,” such as “WHOIS ATLAS”, “WHOIS SENTINEL.” But what is unequivocally a distinguished word was “WHOIS #fourth race,” that started a gibberish among fans that Update 1.3 will expected deliver a new race in a game.

The WHOIs phrases seem to prove a story that could enhance a diversion by bringing in probable new worlds, characters, and new races from a universe far, distant away.

Update 1.3 is imminent

July is roughly over and fans could be approaching to an approaching announcement of an anniversary refurbish from Hello Games and a owner Sean Murray.

The leaked tip tip document reported progressing suggested a approaching release, however, Murray has still to endorse this square of information.

But a approach that a growth group channels this ARG to a constant fans already advise something large is coming or function soon. This is generally that a diversion will be celebrating a initial birthday in August.

Shortly after a recover of a Pathfinder refurbish in March, there was already a slew of rumors churning online that “No Man’s Sky” is expected removing a Story DLC next. Perhaps, these mysterious hints and clues from a diversion developer would indeed lead to a game-changing update that will make a zealous players happy.

The diversion was grown and published by Indie diversion developer Hello Games, in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment “N.o Man’s Sky” was expelled on Aug 9, 2016 exclusively on PS4 console and Windows PC. #No Man’s Sky

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