No Man’s Sky Devs Send Cryptic Cassette Tapes to Community

June 7, 2017
Written by Martin Patiño


Hello Games, a developer of No Man’s Sky, has been promulgation packages to mods of a NMS subreddit that contain, among other things, a cassette fasten with a puzzling message.

The tapes, that are numbered out of 16, enclose some puzzling audio that, when run by a spectrograph, exhibit a set of characters: 706s7274616p. When that is run by an ROT13 cipher, it translates to a hexadecimal string: 706f7274616c. When converted to ASCII a fibre afterwards turns adult a word: portal.

Only a few of a tapes have been accounted for and their audio uploaded though so distant all of them have come adult with a same word, that during slightest alludes to a probability of some new calm entrance for a diversion in a nearby destiny as a final vital refurbish to a diversion was introduced behind in March. With E3 usually a few days away, it’s probable that we’ll find out accurately what’s in store for a diversion soon.

[Source: Reddit around Eurogamer]

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