No Man’s Sky dev teases new desirous game

No Man’s Sky is branch 3 this year, and Hello Games is changeable towards another smaller-scale though highly-ambitious project.



Hello Games is a loyal loser story about a dev group who mislaid a large diversion and afterwards came behind to win a World Series. They’ve held a spotlight by branch No Man’s Sky into a outrageous sprawling online vast wonderland, though a group is prepared to make something new. Now Sean Murray teases another plan outward of a new The Last Campfire game–something utterly adventurous though some-more precipitated than No Man’s Sky.


“We’ve got something else going on during a studio. It’s exciting, and it’s unfortunately going to be ambitious,” Murray pronounced during a new Brighton Develop eventuality in a UK.


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Speaking to GamesRadar, Murray teased a new diversion a bit further. The thought is now in unequivocally unequivocally early phases of pre-production and should be a some-more strong knowledge that counters a outrageous low as an sea though shoal as a reservoir range of No Man’s Sky.


“Well, we’ve had verbatim conversations about what we are going to do next, and there has been some thought–there was unequivocally a conversation–of maybe we should do something unequivocally small. Something that would unequivocally warn people. We’ve left from creation a biggest diversion ever, so what is a smallest, neatest thing that we can make?” Murray said.


No Man’s Sky is set to accept a biggest refurbish yet, Beyond, after this year. Beyond will move a new turn of multiplayer and full VR formation on PC and PlayStation VR.


What comes subsequent for Hello Games? They’ve proven a sky’s a limit, though maybe a new plan will be a some-more grounded event that gets them into reduction trouble.


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