No Man’s Sky village deciphers mysterious Hello Games cassette message

Welcome to your tape.

Published 07/06/2017

The No Man’s Sky village has deciphered an unexplained summary coded onto a series of cassette tapes, apparently sent out by developer Hello Games.

Tape 3/16, perceived by reddit mod ‘Mr Unnoticed’.

The summary is usually one word long: “portal”.

Audio cassettes were delivered over a past week to moderators of a central No Man’s Sky reddit.

Each fasten is numbered out of 16. Seven have been reported found so far.

On any cassette’s side A is a square of synth music. On any tape’s side B is a settlement of twisted noise.

The game’s reddit community has pulled together to analyse any fasten side. Hear any below:

Side A.

Side B.

The village detected that any tape’s side B, when run by a spectrograph, hides a coded message: “706s7274616p”. Apply a ROT13 transformation naught and we get 706f7274616c, a hexadecimal value. Convert this to ASCII and we get: “portal”.

Out of a 7 tapes found, usually 3 have been entirely spectrographed. There competence be other difference in others, nonetheless a steady word suggests they competence all be a same.

Side B, spectrographed.

So then, “portal”. Could it impute to a new gameplay underline headed to No Man’s Sky around a destiny update? Being means to zip behind and onward on a planet’s aspect would be handy. Being means to now burst to a useful position in space competence be even handier.

As yet, Hello Games is gripping quiet.

We’ll keep an eye on a reddit for when some-more tapes are found.

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