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Love it or hatred it, No Man’s Sky was a many important, successful video diversion of 2016.

I’m not articulate about a rights and wrongs of developer Sean Murray’s pre-release interviews, or a state of a space diversion during launch. Enough has been pronounced on both those topics already. I’m articulate about a fallout, and what it means for video games in 2017 and beyond.

What’s transparent is some players felt misled by Hello Games. Some demanded a reinstate from Sony. Some got one from Valve. Whatever your feeling on it, No Man’s Sky caused one ruin of a shitstorm. But this wasn’t a by a numbers video diversion shitstorm. This one went mainstream – and a attention noticed.

Amid a stupidity of No Man’s Sky’s launch, we spoke with a series of video diversion developers who pronounced a whole thing had influenced possibly a approach they designed to plead their arriving game, or even a facilities it would include. One developer told me a attention was examination and training from a No Man’s Sky disturbance with penetrating interest. The upshot? Show, don’t tell. Whatever we do, don’t do a No Man’s Sky.

This seems utterly applicable when it comes to games that wish to do something different, something new, or something that’s tough to explain. The esoteric, a experiential, or a alloy of genre. The kind of diversion where we demeanour during a delicately crafted exhibit video and think, bloody hell, that looks amazing, though what accurately do we do?

We here during Eurogamer asked this doubt of No Man’s Sky in a run-up to a game’s release, in partial since gamers were inspired for a answer, though it was also since we were a bit confused by No Man’s Sky ourselves. For No Man’s Sky, difference were not enough. In fact, for No Man’s Sky, difference were only about a misfortune thing that could have happened.

Destiny suffered from a No Man’s Sky problem dual years before No Man’s Sky came out. we remember visiting Bungie’s offices in Bellevue, Washington, before a studio had suggested any gameplay, awaiting a developers to exhibit some gameplay. Instead they talked a lot – a lot – about a game. we also remember Activision Publishing trainer Eric Hirshberg describing Destiny as a “shared-world shooter”. None of us unequivocally accepted what that meant during a time, so we filled in a blanks. When Destiny launched a beta, realization set in. This wasn’t a diversion many had hoped for. It was something else.

This is accurately a kind of coverage developers now wish to avoid. Confusion, a meditative goes, leads to deceptive answers, and deceptive answers lead to vehement gamers stuffing in a gaps. And so, developers have – are – changing tack. No Man’s Sky has shown – not that there was any doubt – that we’re in a post-preview world. A developer can insist their diversion will change a world, and a developer competence truly trust that’s what their diversion will do. But that sounds a lot like No Man’s Sky and demeanour how that incited out.

As Hello Games deals with a fallout from No Man’s Sky’s launch, devs are changing tack.

I haven’t done a video diversion before, though lots of people who have have told me it’s a illegitimate of a thing to do. And many of those people have told me video diversion growth is a final thing on that promises should be made. A developer who says multiplayer will be in their diversion when behind a scenes a Is have nonetheless to be dotted and a Ts nonetheless to be crossed as partial of a normal routine of outstanding together a video diversion to get it prepared for recover is only seeking for trouble. Unless you’re Blizzard, of course, and it’s Overwatch. It was flattering critical for those guys to contend multiplayer would be in Overwatch before it came out.

So, what does this mean? It means No Man’s Sky has altered a manners of engagement. It means some-more and some-more developers are gripping their cards tighten to their chests for fear of unwell to broach on a guarantee that never should have slipped out in a initial place. And those developers assured adequate in their work to let people during it are branch to early doors technical alphas and unedited gameplay videos. These are all a fury in a post-No Man’s Sky world.

Take Sea of Thieves, for example. Rare’s pirate-themed multiplayer diversion facilities scrutiny and naval combat. At least, that’s how it was described when it was announced during E3 2015. Pretty vague, eh? Is it an MMO? Can we play it single-player? Is it free-to-play? Then, a year later, during E3 2016, we go in hunt of an answer to a unavoidable question: what do we indeed do in Sea of Thieves? And to go along with that, a combat-focused hands-on demo, that felt some-more like a spirit during what Rare’s going for than a cut of a finished article. At a time we spoke with Sea of Thieves developers to ask about a nitty dirty of gameplay, though left a uncover with some-more questions than answers. Then No Man’s Sky happened.

Fast brazen to Christmas 2016, and Rare has launched an Insider Programme that offers fans a possibility to exam early builds of a game, and a technical alpha in that 1000 people will get to play it. There’s a unequivocally cold video that shows gameplay and explains what’s going on. We get an overview of an tangible quest. This is removing closer to what we indeed do in Sea of Thieves. Show, don’t tell.

If we ask me, this is all a good thing, for gamers and for developers. Hello Games competence not have altered video games forever, during slightest not utterly in a approach Sean Murray and his wild village had hoped for, though it did bearing to a forefront a significance of a managed expectation. And let’s be honest, in a post-No Man’s Sky universe, managed expectations are a centre of a galaxy.

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