‘No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises’ patch 1.37 notes: Improvements, changes, and fixes

'No Man's Sky: Atlas Rises' patch 1.37 notes: Improvements, changes  fixes Image Credit: Hello Games Tube central YouTube channel (screenshot)

At this day and age, a diversion is usually as good as a improvements that are constantly being topsy-turvy out. And with what “No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises” patch 1.37 records contain, there is no doubt that a diversion will continue on a ceiling trajectory.

PC Control

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“No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises” patch 1.37 comes with a new tethered boat control scheme privately for PC rodent and keyboard players, as a game’s central website has confirmed. Players will be means to simply intrigue their ships around a rodent as a choice can be toggled and changes boat controls to be formed on a cursor.

Holding down a ALT pivotal now also allows players to demeanour around a ship’s cockpit. This underline is automatically active, though can be toggled behind to a strange control intrigue around General Options menu.

Changes Improvements

Of course, several changes and improvements have been done to a diversion in ubiquitous as good in such that all players are influenced no matter what a height is. The economy Scanner can now be used from a Quick Menu to simply locate an outpost. There are also softened prices trade outposts offer for trade goods. Improvements have also been done to a pricing of freighters and freighter trade-in values.

The galactic map now also binds economy information for systems that a actor has already visited. Moreover, a discerning menu choice to indicate for outposts regulating a economy scanner is possible.

“No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises” players contingency also keep in mind that an combined chastisement to station for municipal ships has been put in place. Changes have also been done to rancher missions. That is, plants grown anywhere towards mandate are counted, including a outward of actor bases.

New categories have also been combined to a object send window, as good as a new send window in sequence to make transferring equipment easier. Improvements were further done to world heat ranges, storms on sensuous planets and cost comparison content on a boat squeeze screen.

Bug fixes

One of a best bug fixes from “No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises” is that players can use a record to reset their mission. So whenever an particular finds themselves a good stretch from their destination, they can simply reset a mission.

The idea record with scrupulously prominence missions and destinations over several thousand light years divided with a red icon. Holding R3 or a center rodent symbol over this idol will reset a idea usually until a many new protected stage. Players will afterwards start from that point.

Another critical repair is that players will accept all a portal glyphs that they are owed. If a actor gifted a prior emanate on this, they are ostensible to accept all missed equipment during a subsequent time that they find another portal glyphs. Moreover, there is now a reduced possibility of mixed missions promulgation players to a accurate same destination.

“No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises” continues to residence several issues that players have. Meanwhile, improvements on user interface and diversion knowledge are constantly being done as well.

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