‘No Man’s Sky’ ARG: Update 1.3 sealed beta competence come this week

There’s something huge that will come this week for all a players of a space indie pretension #No Man’s Sky,” if a latest spirit is anything to by. After some-more than a month of teasing a Alternate Reality Game (ARG) with a players, it looks like diversion developer Hello Games is prepared for a large exhibit on #July 21.

It’s a beta

The latest growth on a speculated recover of Update 1.3 for “No Man’s Sky” now suggests a large eventuality that will occur on Friday, Jul 21 and usually a selected few will be invited to it. Apparently, players were destined to some website and on signing up, they were given an entrance to a livestream video informing them about an approaching large eventuality function this week.

It also seems that there is usually a name series of Level 4 Atlas passes to be given to a 10,000 applicants. But first, they all need to entirely fill out a petition and accomplish a series of tasks before they qualify.

From a looks of it, it does sound like a closed beta, doesn’t it? But sadly enough, it will expected be singular to a tiny series of dedicated players who are deemed estimable to join and give their feedback.

Internal memo

Prior to this, a leaked document that seemed to be an inner memo circulated on a net final week. It mentioned about a Update 1.3 for “No Man’s Sky” and that a Project Walking Titan will strech execution in August. The memo gimlet a initials S. M. during a bottom, that can be simply guessed to be initials for Hello Games founder, #Sean Murray.

If this request is proven to be legit, it creates clarity that a beta will take place shortly in time for a release.

It sounds like a good anniversary gift is on a approach for a fans as a PS4 disdainful game celebrates a initial birthday subsequent month.

Cryptic tease

For a uninitiated, it all started with cryptic tease behind in early Jun when Hello Games shipped a warn package to all a conduct moderators of all a NMS subreddits. It contained several sell products like t-shirts, posters, and a puzzling cassette tapes.

By regulating a spectrogram, a fasten suggested a fibre 706s7274616p that meant “portal.” All players of “No Man’s Sky” know what portal means in a diversion – a puzzling underline that can be found in name planets.

It serves a special purpose in a diversion and that is to teleport players to another world, nonetheless reports contend that no gamer has unbarred and activated a portal nonetheless in “No Man’s Sky.”

Watch a livestream video below.

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