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(Last Updated On: Jul 29, 2017)

Even some-more hints and clues have popped adult revolving around Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky‘s swap existence diversion (ARG) site, providing mysterious imagery and other codes created in square/file sequences. No Man’s Sky is out now for PC and PS4.

Recently, a new post has been done on Reddit by user Stevec716, who happens to have found that if we form in a following content “status” in a swap existence diversion (ARG) site, a difference “Mission Azure Voyage” uncover up. Upon typing those mysterious difference as “Azure Voyage” or “AzureVoyage” one will find a new shade display a page full of grids and infrequently codes.

The shade should infrequently demeanour like a design below.

From here, one will be means to form in a list of codes that will prompt opposite screens to cocktail up, such as a following screenshot that Reddit user iJoax posted.

Upon typing in several codes, we stumbled on a design display this bizarre credentials and content as seen below.

More information on this mysterious poser surrounding No Man’s Sky was serve bolstered when Reddit user Tronaldmcdump had this to say:

“5E13239 and 7DD680F were found by observation a page source. If we enter them it unlocks dual squares.

This is going to exhibit another design once everybody puts their formula in. we haven’t gotten anything yet.

Edit: Clear your cookies so that we can enter your tangible formula when we get it if we try this.”

It is suggested by fans that a fourth competition and multiplayer duty will come into the No Man’s Sky design around an refurbish — nonetheless unconfirmed during a impulse — though we do advise that we take a dual suggestions with a large pellet of salt saying that time will tell what a Aug refurbish has in store for fans.

Speaking of information expected entrance onward as time progresses, I’m certain this whole mysterious No Man’s Sky poser is zero too big, though one contingency doubt if this whole thing is as poignant as a time they’ve put into a ARG? More information on this can be found by attack adult No Man’s Sky subreddit or

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