No Man’s Sky ARG points to ‘new practice in a informed star …

Remember those mysterious cassette tapes that No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games sent to village leaders behind in June? After poring over a tapes, posters, and other materials sent out by Hello Games, a NMS village seems to have reached a home stretch of this ARG. And now, like a tasty pasta sauce, a tract has thickened (sorry, I’m hungry). 

After induction with a website handling underneath a codename “Walking Titan,” fans were lead to a livestream video which, among other things, promises 10,000 field will be invited to check out a subsequent step for No Man’s Sky commencement Jul 21.

Of course, not only anyone can squeeze one of these special Level 4 Atlas Passes. The comparison field will also need to finish special tasks and finish a petition before they are chosen. Sounds suspiciously like a beta, right? Register, infer that you’ll yield profitable feedback, and give a diversion makers your info. As if that wasn’t adequate evidence, there’s also this “internal memo” that mentions a execution of “Project Walking Titan” one month later, in August.

Some are carefree this new refurbish will underline (or during slightest pave a approach for) multiplayer, though a law is we’ll all have to be only a bit some-more studious while we wait for something central from Hello Games to be sure.

If we wish to do some sleuthing of your own, competence we advise starting with how a diversion has altered given a Foundation and Pathfinder updates?

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