No Man’s Sky ARG points to incoming Aug update

Last month, Hello Games kicked off a Waking Titan ARG whereby puzzling cassette tapes were distributed to Reddit mods. This megathread papers a initiative’s successive progress, however a latest breakthrough points to an Aug patch—update 1.3.

A PDF record outlines a latest find that talks of “180 Access IDs” and “new practice in chronicle 1.3 of a informed universe”. The 180 IDs anxiety is many expected tied to a giveaway copies Hello Games has usually distributed via a ARG, while a roughly certain chronicle 1.3 of a informed star reflects an refurbish of a same number.

The PDF reads as follows: 

“We wish to extend a thankfulness to everybody who has contributed to a Mercury Subroutine so far. We wish we have enjoyed a successful placement of 180 Access IDs, and we wish we will also conclude a other engaging artifacts we have in store for we going forward.

“We intend to keep a routine alive until a execution of Project Waking Titan in August. It is critical to discuss that we are really vehement by a entrance Phases 2 and 3. Input from a Mercury Subroutine will pave a approach toward new practice in chronicle 1.3 of a informed universe. We demeanour brazen to a successful end of this ground-breaking experiment. 

“Regards. S.M.”

No Man’s Sky’s patch 1.22 brought “exocraft” buggies to each world in a galaxy, though it stays misleading what’s in store for refurbish 1.3. Watch this space. 

Thanks, VG24/7.

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