No Man’s Sky and Minecraft Combine in Dual Universe, Open to …

Backers Get Exclusive Access to This Single Shared World

The grounds of Dual Universe is simple; do whatever we wish in space. The diversion offers a sandbox with RPG elements and all a leisure we can want. As a plus, it’s a sci-fi knowledge in that we can inhabit planets to your heart’s calm and build bases and spaceships. Moreover, we can do it alongside millions of other players or go it alone. It’s a loyal common star that’s now usurpation some-more occupants.

Today, Dual Universe developer Novaquark introduced new Supporter Packs for intensity backers. During their Kickstarter campaign, a developers managed to lift over a million dollars for their single-world project. In sequence to take a knowledge a step further, they’re going for another round. Newcomers who minister benefit entrance to facilities before anyone else even hears about them. Better yet, we can obtain giftable beta keys so that we can entice a crony and get to building, spacefaring, and conquering.

Everything we might declare in Dual Universe is trustworthy by a innovative voxel engine in place. The diversion is literally one star common by everybody who owns a game. Best of all, there’s most no extent to what we can cgange and create. You’re usually singular by how distant we explore. Considering a pleasing scenery, however, we might have difficulty stopping.

Dual Universe is in Pre-Alpha and accessible exclusively to backers. To learn more, we can revisit a official website.

SOURCE: Press Release

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