No Man’s Sky Alternate-Reality Game Teases Big New Update Coming Next Month

It’s been roughly a year given a procedurally generated space-exploration diversion No Man’s Sky was expelled on PS4 and PC. Developer Hello Games has been radio wordless given it expelled a game’s most new calm refurbish behind in March. Now, we know during slightest one thing that a studio has been operative on: a crazy, puzzling alternate-reality diversion that points toward a large refurbish entrance in August.

The ARG started during a commencement of June, when moderators of No Man’s Sky subreddits got packages in a mail that contained a print and a cassette. According to r/NoMansSkyTheGame judge UnimatrixZeroOne, decoding a clues dark in a cassette recordings led to a string, that itself was translated to “portal.” This authorised fans to solve a subsequent idea in a Waking Titan ARG.

Progressing by Waking Titan unclosed several papers that teased developments within a No Man’s Sky universe. This culminated in a many new record which reveals that a new refurbish is entrance in August. The document, presented in a memo format, is sealed “S.M.,” that is roughly positively a anxiety to Hello Games owner Sean Murray.

Alongside this tease, a website went live for a in-game classification called The Atlas Foundation. The website asks for fans–which it refers to as “Citizen Scientists”–to enter their email addresses to “help know a inlet of existence itself.” Submitting your residence will allow we to an email list and give we entrance to a consult with questions like, “What does it meant for a dream to be realistic?” You can also pointer adult by a consult for a possibility to win a earthy Level 4 Atlas Pass.

Assuming that a teased refurbish is a vital calm patch, it’ll be a third such refurbish given No Man’s Sky’s recover final year. The first, called a Foundation Update, combined base-building and frigates, while the second combined land vehicles.

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