No Man’s Sky 2.16 Update Patch Notes

A week after a recover of a prior patch, Hello Games has forsaken a new No Man’s Sky 2.16 update for a once-controversial though now appreciated space scrutiny game. This beam will give we a outline on what a indie studio has altered for a game, and a fixes are now live on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, after being expelled initial on Steam.

 No Man’s Sky 2.16 Update | Highlights

While a prior patch introduced a array of story-based missions, a No Man’s Sky 2.16 refurbish isn’t so most about new content. Instead, it is focused on elucidate some dire issues that could be stopping a delight of some players.

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For example, modifying a turf inside bases that we shouldn’t have a rights to change is something that has been fixed. Now we can’t make any changes inside those bases or within a integrate of kilometers from a featured base. Another change concerns a involuntary download of tiny bases combined on planets with a featured bottom to all players, that will now be prevented from happening.

Weekend missions were introduced with a No Man’s Sky 2.15 update, though spasmodic some of these assignments could uncover adult as encrypted and your rewards would be lost; this was bound as well. Hello Games also mentions a repair of a singular pile-up in a communication system, so if we were a target of this bug, this is good news for you. Placing Communications Stations outward of bases is an movement that would infrequently destroy due to a bug, though that emanate is now sorted out.

With a recover of a Next refurbish in Jul 2018, Hello Games finally delivered on a promises of a sprawling space epic where we could go anywhere and try different planets with your friends. The multiplayer knowledge drastically altered a happening of a game, fulfilling a promises after a muted and unsatisfactory launch. The Beyond patch serve softened a game, adding VR support.

You can review a full No Man’s Sky 2.16 Update patch records below.

No Man’s Sky 2.16 Update | Full Patch Notes

  • Prevented turf edits from being done inside any bases that we do not have accede to edit, or within 2km of a featured base.
  • Small bases done on planets with a featured bottom are no longer automatically downloaded to all players
  • Reduced a arrangement radius for bottom mechanism markers done by players visiting planets with featured bases.
  • Fixed an emanate that prevented Communications Stations from being placed outward of bases.
  • Restored Communication Stations and Message modules to a construction investigate hire on a Space Anomaly.
  • Fixed an emanate that could send players to a world with no Knowledge Stones when locating Portal glyphs for a weekend mission.
  • Fixed an emanate that could symbol weekend missions as encrypted and overrule their rewards.
  • Fixed an emanate that prevented glyphs being entered into Portals some-more than once.
  • Fixed an emanate where Portals featured in missions would not activate.
  • Fixed a pile-up that could start when a actor has no boat (including when on a other side of a mission-related portal).
  • Fixed a singular pile-up in a communication system.
  • Fixed an emanate that caused a Sphere Creator to emanate too many spheres when used in multiplayer.

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