No Bungee, No Ratchet: Wraptie Offers Simple, Safe Tiedown for Gear

Stretchy nylon and a whole garland of double-sided Velcro come together in a tiedown choice distinct anything we’ve attempted before.

If we possess a truck, we substantially possess some ratchet straps too. Those heavy-duty tiedowns are good for mega-loads on 18-wheelers. In fact, they’re flattering many irreplaceable.

But what about relocating a cupboard in your pickup, or securing a boat onto a Corolla? Heck, what about lashing a few extras to your container or carry-on luggage? The thought of regulating ratchet straps or bungees is profusion for many scenarios, and they both come with drawbacks in reserve and utility. Think pinched fingers, remarkable recoil, and scratched surfaces.

Well, that’s accurately a procedure behind Wraptie — a hardwareless tiedown tag that aims to be as able on a roof shelve as it is on a backpack. So we put a set of Wraptie straps to a exam going by airports, on daily commutes, and for relocating vast furniture.

In short: Wraptie straps are good for anyone doesn’t need vast ratchet straps and is looking for something safer and easier to use than bungees. The straps are accessible in a accumulation of lengths, are extendable, and valid really easy to use in a tests.

Plus, a association has begun regulating a homogeneous of one cosmetic bottle’s value of recycled element in a production. For anyone securing really vast loads, however, we’d still suggest a few sets of industrial-rated ratchet straps.

Wraptie Gear Straps

Nearly a whole grounds behind Wraptie is Velcro. Each tag consists of swapping lengths of black webbing and double-sided, bright-orange Velcro (hook/rough on one side, loop/soft on a other).

I contend “nearly” a whole grounds since Wraptie also adds a biggest advantage bungee cords offer: stretchability. The webbing between any Velcro pad stretches, adding length when we need it and creation it easier to line adult a Velcro pads when securing (more on that below).

Each tag is rated to reason 50 kilograms (~110 pounds) nonetheless gnawing and has dual opposite ends. On one finish is a bound loop, ideal for feeding a tag by to secure to a lorry bed anchor or daisy chain. The other finish is multipurpose — it serves as a confine finish or second loop, or it can be un-Velcroed and used to insert another Wraptie. See a video below.

The code now offers straps in 3 lengths (designated in centimeters) for several purposes. Wraptie recommends a vast 240 straps for securing surfboards or kayaks or relocating large furniture. The middle 180 straps work best for securing rigging on a behind of a motorcycle or bundling and carrying a bucket of firewood. And a 130 straps we tested are designed to supplement additional rigging to a container setup or lashing smaller equipment to a bike.

Wraptie Straps: How They Work


The straps are elementary and intuitive, nonetheless there are a few points to know. First and many importantly, make certain we can secure during slightest 3 Velcro pads. Anything less, and we risk a tag entrance dismantled underneath normal load.

Also, to scrupulously line adult a hooks with a loops, we have to turn a tag after you’ve wrapped it around a load. we wasn’t crazy about this, as a turn creates a diseased point, despite underneath highlight many larger than normal use. Plus, it usually creates my skin yield to have a turn in a strap.

Finally, make use of a stretch. To entirely align a entirety of any Velcro pad, we will have to yank as many length out of a tag as we can. Don’t worry about rewrapping your rigging if pads demeanour like they tumble short; usually yank on a thing and make it work!


Wraptie Review

The initial time we used a Wrapties was in a behind of a U-Haul before a 900-mile trek from Minneapolis to Denver. At usually 1.3 meters prolonged (about 4.25 feet), though, they were not utterly a ideal apparatus for a job. But regulating a multipurpose end, we total dual 130 straps to get about 8.5 feet, that we used to reason a set of lockers in place. After dual days and about 18 hours of widespread driving, a lockers stood usually as I’d left them.

It’s critical to note that we can bond usually dual straps together, as we will finish adult with dual sealed loops and no approach to insert a third strap. Additionally, Wraptie cautions that as a bucket hole increases (the wider we widen a straps), a strength decreases. So a code recommends opting for longer straps designed for bigger loads over joining smaller straps if strength is a question.

Ultimately, though, a 130 straps valid best matched to some-more paltry tasks: in my case, adding some-more equipment to my carry-on luggage. Turns out, a Wraptie straps are a nifty airfield hack. we managed to lash a bike helmet and additional personal object to a outward of my carry-on, pardon adult my hands and creation a whole airfield distress a bit reduction cumbersome.

And starting during $29 for a span of straps, a straps are an inexpensive option.

Wraptie: Pros, Cons

After a few months regulating these straps, we can demonstrate they’ll continue to find copiousness of use until they wear out. And frankly, I’m extraordinary when that will be, as my usually regard is a longevity of a Velcro straps. After a summer of camping trips, airports, and highway trips, however, a straps work as good as they did on day one.

I asked Wraptie co-founder Mark Blackburn about this, and he told me a code guarantees a straps for half a year. But in testing, he’s nonetheless to see any poignant wear after years of use.

“The product is guaranteed for 6 months,” he said. “However, over a past dual years, we have tested a straps roughly continuously, with several groups of users — smoothness bikes, plumbers, tradies, builders — who use this product daily, outward and heavy-handedly. So distant we see vanishing of a orange, nonetheless a Velcro is still going strong.”

Ultimately, a best and misfortune of these straps is a Velcro, and a user will establish either a set of Wrapties is a right option. In further to Velcro’s lifespan, it also has a nasty robe of picking adult debris. So if you’re someone who chucks tiedowns into a raise outside, these straps will go weary flattering quickly.


Also, as remarkable above, if you’re hauling breeze turbine blades on a behind of a flatbed, ratchet straps are still your best bet. But for those who use tiedowns to lash together gear, gold some kindling, or pierce a occasional sofa, Wrapties take a con and blemish intensity out of securing a load.

Learn more, or collect adult some Wrapties starting at $29 per pair.


Adam Ruggiero is an all-sport activity addict – from biking, running, and (not enough) surfing, to round sports, camping, and cattle farming. If it’s outside, it’s value doing. Adam graduated from a University of Minnesota with a BA in journalism. Likes: singular beer, dogs, stories. Like nots: neckties, escalators, manicured lawns.

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