Nintendo teases Animal Crossing for iOS with proclamation set for this week

Nintendo currently has common it will exhibit sum this week about a recover for a mobile chronicle of a renouned title, Animal Crossing. First approaching behind in March of this year, Animal Crossing will be a second Nintendo pretension to come to iOS this year.


Shortly after Nintendo announced a Feb 2 launch date for Fire Emblem Heroes, it also common that Animal Crossing would be delayed, though though any specifics over Apr or later.

Now, with 2017 entrance to a close, Nintendo has announced around Twitter and a Japanese site that it will share some-more sum about a diversion for mobile platforms. You can watch a announcement on YouTube, that will occur on Oct 24 during 11 PM ET/October 25 12 PM JST.

While Animal Crossing could be a final diversion Nintendo might move to iOS this year, there’s still a possibility we could see a Zelda pretension expelled before 2018. Reports progressing this year suggested that a Zelda recover would follow Animal Crossing, though though any sum about either it would be a full 3D RPG, 2D, or totally new approach.

After a success of Super Mario Run as iOS’ initial Nintendo pretension and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild on a Nintendo Switch, a Zelda recover for iOS would be rarely popular.

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