Nintendo is employing for a new Legend of Zelda game

Nintendo has apparently begun work on a subsequent Legend of Zelda project.

Nintendo Japan posted dual new pursuit ads on a central site, both promotion spots on a Legend of Zelda group in Kyoto.

Spotted by ResetEra, The first, a 3DCG designer, will be tasked with “Topography” origination for use in dungeons, as good as turn and judgment pattern for dungeons.

The subsequent pursuit is for a some-more extended turn designer, obliged for some-more generalized diversion calm such as enemies, universe design, and some-more cave pattern planning.

The pursuit ads don’t discuss too many other sum about a project, though they’re some-more than expected dictated for a subsequent diversion in a series, and not a new enlargement or DLC.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild will be two-years aged in March, so we’re expected a ways off from saying this subsequent diversion in action.

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