Nintendo Games And Hardware Dominate The First Half Of 2017 In Japan

(Photo: Nintendo)

Unless you’re only rising from a cave, you’re substantially wakeful Nintendo has been doing flattering damn good for itself recently. The company’s batch has strike an all-time high, a Nintendo Switch is offered out as shortly as it hits shelves, and fans are pumped for a recently-announced SNES Classic Edition. A lot Nintendo’s success comes around their home nation of Japan, where they recently surpassed 1 million Switch units sold, and new sales sum yield a clearest design nonetheless of Nintendo’s sum Japanese dominance.

Gaming mag Famitsu recently published Japanese sales information for a initial half of 2017 and 8 of a top-10 offered games are disdainful to Nintendo platforms. Unsurprisingly, Monster Hunter XX grabs a tip spot, with Pokemon Sun and Moon, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild, and Super Mario Maker for 3DS grabbing spots 2 by 5. The PS4 manages to hide in with Resident Evil 7 and NieR: Automata during spots 6 and 7, though afterwards it’s right behind to Nintendo stuff. Here’s a full list:

Top 10 best-selling games of initial 6 months of 2017:

Monster Hunter XX for 3DS (1,640,005 units sold)

Pokémon Sun and Moon for 3DS (527,862)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch (501, 614)

Zelda Breath Of The Wild for Switch (464,480)

Super Mario Maker for 3DS (397,656)

Biohazard 7 for PS4 (324,066)

NieR: Automata for PS4 (311,906)

Momotaro Dentetsu 2017 Tachiagare Nippon!! for 3DS (263,790)

Yokai Watch Sukiyaki for 3DS (215,297)

1-2 Switch for Switch (200,807)

Nintendo also won a hardware battle, with a Nintendo Switch holding a tip mark and Nintendo 3DS holding third (the PS4 only hardly kick it out).

Top 5 best-selling consoles of initial 6 months of 2017:

Nintendo Switch: 1,016,473 units sold

Sony PS4: 877,630 (now during 4,799,246 total)

Nintendo 3DS: 872,620 (22,784,033)

Sony PS Vita: 260,296 (5,507,715)

Microsoft Xbox One: 5,093 (78,041)

The Japanese gaming stage isn’t as large or different as a North American or European markets, though still, this kind of sum mastery is impressive. Being embraced by your associate countrymen like this has to be a large confidence-booster for Nintendo.

You can check out WWG’s latest Nintendo Switch coverage, right here.

[via Eurogamer]

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