Nintendo Direct Rumors: Super Smash Bros Port, ‘Bayonetta 3’ and More

Nintendo announced a new Direct for Mar 8, and while a company’s gripping a sum for a 30-minute display underneath wraps, there’s a lot of intensity for sparkling news about a Switch and 3DS.

The usually diversion reliable to make an entrance on a Mar 8 Nintendo Direct is Mario Tennis Aces , a latest in a franchise. Nintendo skeleton to betray some-more information on Thursday, substantially a reliable new impression or two.

The Nintendo Direct Mini on Jan. 11 was about 15 mins prolonged and squeezed in a ton of new diversion announcements and DLC updates for formerly expelled games. While a Mar 8 Direct will expected give some-more information on some of a games announced during January’s event, here’s a few announcements we wish to see this Thursday.

super-smash-bros-4-mario mega man Mega Man and Mario confronting off in Super Smash Bros. Nintendo


This is substantially a longshot for a Mar 8 Nintendo Direct, though we can’t assistance though put this on a wishlist. A reported “director’s cut” of a 3DS/Wii U Smash games (with some new characters) has been a theme of rumors given a finish of 2016, months before a central recover of a hybrid console.

Those rumors have continued to mountain given a initial report, though central word from Nintendo. The Switch’s first-year lineup was built with Zelda, Mario and more, so maybe a association is watchful for 2018 to announce Smash for Switch.

Diablo-Switch-Tease-770x432 Diablo III light switch twitter that started it all. Blizzard


There seems to be a third-party pier proclamation for a Switch in each Nintendo Direct, with Dark Souls being a many recent. The renouned gossip is Diablo III entrance to a hybrid console, though that’s still unclear, with Blizzard denying a conjecture and a new report saying a pier is happening. The Mar 8 display might put a conjecture to rest.

Or Nintendo fans will get a opposite third-party pier that they weren’t expecting, like a aforementioned Dark Souls or something even some-more tantalizing, maybe Final Fantasy XV?

bayonetta 3 Bayonetta 3 is entrance to a Nintendo Switch. Nintendo


Bayonetta 3 was already announced in 2017 and with a success of a initial dual games on a Switch, many players are looking brazen to a subsequent territory in a story. At this indicate there’s no tough recover date, though maybe Nintendo is prepared to give fans a day to round on their calendars.

What do we wish to see during a Mar 8 Nintendo Direct? Let us know your thoughts in a comments territory below

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