Nine More Video Games That Left Us Defenseless And Scared

One moment, you’re on tip of a world, a next, totally helpless. Weaponless, defenseless, and flattering many helpless. Last time, we talked about nine games that took divided all a weapons. This time, we speak about 9 some-more games that nude us of all resistance.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild

One of 2017’s excellent games facilities a plea that takes divided all of your weapons, armour, and items. Being marooned on Breath of a Wild’s Eventide Island means contending with a lumbering, hulk hinox. Fighting bokoblins with branches. It means elucidate a island’s puzzles with your acquired collection and your wits in method to survive. The judgment of being weaponless might not be quite new. Depending on when players learn Eventide Island, it can be a harrowing believe if confronting a plea early on. Or it can feel lenient in after diversion stages, versed with believe to adjust to a conditions with schooled tricks and skills to zephyr by whatever a island tosses out there.

Castlevania: Symphony of a Night

Alucard was a plain impression in Castlevania 3, generally since he could spin into a bat and fly past so many of a wily obstacles a diversion threw during players. Unfortunately, his biggest problem was he was awkwardly delayed and formidable to control in his normal mode. Between Castlevania 3 and Symphony of a Night, Alucard did a lot of crossfit training. He’s so quick now, he leaves a route of his possess images behind him. Alucard’s opening advance of Dracula’s palace creates we feel like a badass. Mow down a zombies, drive past enemies, wreak havoc. That is, until Death shows adult and strips we of all your weapons. Your fists feel puny, your one-hit kills are gone. We felt as infirm as we were behind in Castlevania 3.

Final Fantasy XV

Ah, a barbarous Chapter 13. Since a 2016 release, Final Fantasy XV has perceived a upsurge of DLC including story chapters for a 3 other members of Prince Noctis’ child band, a multiplayer mode with a good impression customization editor, and an alternative approach to believe Chapter 13. Everyone had something to contend about a unfortunate territory when it initial came out. There’s even a beam to assistance you cope with usually how traumatizing it is.

It was ill-received for heading Noctis into hallways stalked by zombie-like enemies. But we could censor into nooks and crannies to equivocate encounters! That’s…something, right? Chapter 13 became same to a Resident Evil calamity with not-so-good secrecy mechanics. It was a conflicting of a bulk of a game. In a progressing portions, Noctis and organisation spent untroubled days roving in their supercar, a Regalia, with a tip down listening to classical Final Fantasy tunes. They did this in a large ‘ol open star environment during their convenience between sport monsters and fishing.

Those were a days! They seemed so passing by a time Chapter 13 hit, and to tip it off, Noctis mislaid his weapons and his friends during a commencement of that horrible diversion section. Losing weapons is one thing. Losing Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio is a whole other insult. It is substantially one of a scariest things Final Fantasy has ever done.

The Last Of Us

Even with a gun in your hand, we can feel weak. In The Last of Us, Clickers have we constantly on edge, prepared during any impulse to spin we into a home city smorgasboard of viscera and skin. When Joel gets held in one of Bill’s traps, he’s upside down, feet chained, and feeling really exposed to a waves of putrescent who scurry his way. It’s a competition opposite time as Ellie tries to giveaway him and a Clickers competition your way. Shooting upside down is an panic-inducing disaster that can’t finish shortly enough. In a diversion full of relocating moments, this one had us feeling putrescent vertigo.

Dragon Quest Builders

If a diversion has ‘Dragon Quest’ in a name, chances are it will be a gut-wrenching experience in some measure. 2016’s Dragon Quest Builders, a Minecraft-esque sandbox with a story-focused direction, lives adult to a name. It’s also so many more. It’s bleak, sure. But it’ll also warn you. It’ll make we laugh, too. The game’s wordless protagonist with a resources of sass sets out to reconstruct a world. But a star is not accurately his/her oyster—crafting recipes have to be warranted and remembered by fighting, collection, and assembly NPCs’ requirements. Grand castles and towns aren’t built overnight. Protecting these towns from immorality hordes is important, too. In a end, a tiny spark of wish is easy to accelerate a faith of a humans who mislaid their star to dark and evil.


Rebuilding a star is a step by step routine that starts with your impression nude of usually about everything. Good clothes, weapons, and crafting memories. Imagine rebellious a muck with a stem picked adult from a dirt. That’s how destroyed a star is in Dragon Quest Builders. Life gets improved as new recipes are unbarred and steel blades can be made. But you’ll never forget your common beginnings with a stem in hand. If we consider that’s bad, and if we haven’t nonetheless played this illusory entrance into a Dragon Quest star (the diversion is slated for recover on a Nintendo Switch in 2018 as well), there’s a warn watchful during a commencement of each distressing territory that we won’t spoil here.

Resident Evil 7 VR

Horror films don’t shock us anymore interjection to fear games. Resident Evil 7 VR is one of a many terrifying and frightful practice we’ve had since it felt like we were indeed there in a Baker Family Mansion. Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Evil Dead combined, it was like vital by a grindhouse flick, and we know how that turns out for a infancy of “little people.” While we could usually play in 30 notation bouts interjection to suit sickness, that half hour was vital hell, generally in a opening though any weapons, aggravated by by vertigo and monsters that wanted to eat partial of us and leave a rest for leftovers. Never had a diversion felt so palpably dizzying.

Beyond: Two Souls

The many joyless method in a final gen diversion was when I, Peter, became a homeless vagabond in Beyond: Two Souls. we wrote about a method a few weeks ago and how vagrant for a few dollars became one of a many stressful and unpleasant moments I’d gifted in a game. Even a abnormal powers we had entrance to by my suggestion buddy, Aiden, felt infirm in a face of poverty. What changed me many was a approach Quantic Dream humanized everyone’s predicament and even helped Jodie find her will to live again.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower is a ultimate believe in disadvantage and weakness. The Scissorman can uncover adult anywhere during any time and relentlessly follow you. Unfortunately, you’re weaponless a whole time. There’s no right approach to play a diversion and a mixed endings inspire playthroughs. The Gothic cultured is both gorgeously horrible and grandly ominous. The song was conspicuous for a deficiency as many of a diversion has we acid a palace in silence, one that is shockingly cracked by a entrance of a Scissorman. We hated feeling like a singular wrong spin could spin us into a tellurian papier-mâché.


What’s worse than being fearful of immorality undead rivalry spirits who have blood drizzling out of their eyes? Seeing by those bloody eyes in a uncanny diversion automechanic called sightjacking. Siren was all about helplessly relocating from indicate a to indicate b and anticipating a shibitos didn’t kill we as it was a one-hit genocide after they rescued you. Even some-more creepy than a cultish spirits was a friendship with that they brought about their bloody canon by an gigantic sea of red water. we (Peter) knew mixed people flourishing adult who were partial of church’s that believed a blessedness described in Revelations was entrance on X date and gave adult all with their families to prepare- usually for a time to awkwardly pass by and no Armageddon to happen. we wish they didn’t seem so unhappy and we wish some-more people longed for life and bliss rather than a finish of a world. Then maybe we’d all stop feeling so defenseless and scared.

Here are some important mentions that Kotaku readers forked out from a prior article:

Dead Space 2

From Cause007:“You could disagree a commencement of Dead Space 2 left we defenseless during a beginning… a large beast dermatitis starts in front of your face and you’re in a loyal coupler carrying to onslaught to get by a initial few rooms.”

From Arlo:“The opening of Dead Space 2 freaked me a ruin out. The usually other partial that got to me that many was a eye needle, though that’s substantially since I’m both shocked of needles and anything pointy nearby my face.”

Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Outlast

From Vammatar

You wanna speak about overpowered and scared, try Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Also Outlast. No comparison, loyal horror.

Fatal Frame 2

From Team Benevolence

“Chapter 7 in Fatal Frame/Project Zero 2. Because after a fuckery of traffic with a savage immature lady spook and her immorality hexed twin doll, zero done it improved than losing your camera and flashlight and carrying to solve a nonplus with a categorical criminal chasing you. It doesn’t final prolonged though it’s terrifying.”

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

From DarkLinkInfinite

“I know Silent Hill is represented on this list though we have to give a personal scream out to a initial follow in Shattered Memories. The initial time we did it, we attempted doing it by usually following a color-coded clues in a diversion though supplement in a panic from being relentlessly followed and we finished adult removing incited around and mislaid and usually wishing we could get a fuck divided from those creatures that a best we could do opposite was delayed them down momentarily. we don’t consider I’ve ever been some-more panicked in a video game.”

Video games will continue to sack us of a leisure by holding divided a power, a weapons, and a confidence. We’ll continue to be freaked out when they do. If it’s any consolation, it (probably) won’t final perpetually though it certain will feel like an perpetuity in that moment. There’s zero we can do about it though courage a teeth, be terrified, and afterwards keep relocating forward.

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