Niantic Promises ‘Pokémon GO’ Isn’t Being Left Behind For ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’


Pokemon GO

This week, after Niantic announced that a subsequent vital plan would be an AR/location formed diversion called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Pokémon GO fans got skittish. Was Niantic unequivocally going to take on such a large new plan when there’s clearly so many work on GO still to be done? Will GO accept even less support going forward, when updates are already being introduced during a freezing pace?

Now, Niantic is vocalization out about a Harry Potter situation, and perplexing to encourage fans that Wizards Unite and GO can co-exist. Here’s their statement:

“Just like many of you, we’re super vehement about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and are operative tough with a partners during Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and WB Games San Francisco’s expansion group to move that to life. However, we–the Pokémon GO expansion team–want to contend that we are 100% committed to formulating an ever-changing and flourishing diversion that gets a players exploring, assembly any other, and deepening their tie to a Pokémon universe. We’re actively expanding a Pokémon GO expansion group to build many some-more extraordinary facilities in 2018. Stay tuned for an refurbish subsequent week on arriving improvements to certain features.”

This assimilated an progressing twitter observant that Niantic was “doubling down” on Pokémon GO going forward.

It’s good to hear certainly, despite this matter is a bit deceptive about what’s to come. The strange suspicion was that Gen 3 was about to be expelled in December, though with speak of 2018, maybe it’s not entrance until then. Niantic customarily does not spell out a skeleton mostly in advance, so we will be extraordinary to see what accurately they share subsequent week, though they seem to finally be removing a memo that they need to start articulate to a GO village so they don’t ramble divided after weeks and months of roughly sum overpower about how a diversion will urge in updates to come.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Despite what some might think, we usually don’t trust that it was ever Niantic’s vigilant to take on Harry Potter and desert Pokémon GO after milking a billion in income from players. we consider they honestly wish to do both projects as best as they can, not to discuss it would be ridiculous to leave behind one of a many large implement bases in mobile story with a GO community.

But vigilant is irrelevant, to a certain extent. The doubt that still bothers me is either Niantic can do both of these games (plus Ingress) and do them well. For all their good intentions with Pokémon GO over a past year and a half, improvements have been unusually slow, and mostly a diversion takes dual stairs behind for each one forward. Niantic has been perplexing to sinecure people radically uninterrupted given GO took off like a rocket ship, and a expansion of a diversion and a needs of a playerbase usually don’t seem to align with what Niantic is indeed able of gripping adult with.

Add Harry Potter on tip of that and we know because fans are worried. The best box unfolding we can consider of here is Niantic stability to strengthen their GO group (if “doubling down” truly meant doubling a distance of a team, that would be incredible) while a Harry Potter diversion is mostly rubbed by Warner Bros. and Portkey. Yes, maybe Niantic lets them use all their AR and map tech, though usually a handful of Niantic employees themselves work on a pretension while WB does a rest and a infancy of Niantic continues work on GO. Perhaps that’s overly optimistic, though given this matter and a appearing partnership with WB, it’s not out of a question.

I suspect we’ll know some-more subsequent week. If a GO changes are vital and there’s a bound calendar for them, all of this could seem fine. If it’s fume and mirrors and few sum and dates (Gen 3 entrance over a march of a subsequent few months! Changes to battles! AR Pokémon Play Room!) afterwards we don’t know how many that will encourage fans. we have already asked Niantic a sum about who accurately from their GO group is relocating to/already operative on Harry Potter, though haven’t listened behind yet.

In a end, it seems like we’ll usually have to review a dual corresponding subsequent year, and we’ll see afterwards that one is removing a many support. If GO continues to be business as common or a decrease is accelerated, we’ll know “doubling down” didn’t meant what it implied. Hopefully Niantic can juggle all this, and it won’t turn a plant of a possess success.

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