Niantic postpones the Pokémon Go events in Europe after the Chicago festival finished in disaster

Following a disastrous outcome of a first-ever Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago this month, Niantic has motionless to delay a arriving European events, previously scheduled for August. These events were meant to serve stoke seductiveness in a still renouned mobile game, that encourages people to try out in a genuine universe to locate Pokémon, and contest in battles and raids. But a Chicago eventuality was an epic disaster — roughly 20,000 attendees faced prolonged lines to both enter and exit a festival and, while there, they found they couldn’t even play.

The vast numbers of attendees had crashed a game’s servers and a dungeon towers became overloaded. Players couldn’t get online, heading Niantic to announce refunds during 2 PM on a day of a event.

In further to a refunds, Niantic pronounced it would credit attendees’ accounts with $100 of a in-game currency called Pokécoins.

But for some attendees, Niantic’s reinstate and a dole-out of practical banking didn’t go distant enough. The association is now confronting a class-action lawsuit, that claims a festival did not live adult to a hype. Some diversion players had requisitioned transport to Chicago, they pronounced — something they wouldn’t have finished had they famous they wouldn’t be means to play a diversion as advertised.

Niantic had pronounced attendees could locate new Pokémon that would seem during a Chicago eventuality for a initial time. If a players there degraded these Legendary Pokémon, a Pokémon would start appearing in Raid battles worldwide, a association had also promised.

These real-world Pokémon GO events were not approaching to be this large. Neither a association nor a dungeon towers were means to hoop this many people all during once.

Now, Niantic needs to regroup and figure out a plan for a events ahead.

This weekend, a company announced a skeleton to pull behind a designed real-world events in Europe as a outcome of a Chicago disaster.

Niantic pronounced it’s postponing a Aug 5th events designed for Copenhagen and Prague, as good as a Aug 12th events in Stockholm and Amsterdam. The events will be rescheduled for “later this fall,” though Niantic didn’t announce new dates.

According to a association statement, a preference was done “in sequence to pledge a best probable gameplay knowledge for European Trainers.”

Niantic also apologized for a inconvenience, observant “we…hope we know that a priority is to safeguard a good knowledge for Pokémon GO Trainers in Europe and around a world.”

No other events are influenced by this delay, however — during least, not yet. The eventuality scheduled for Yokohama, Japan on Aug 14th, and a events scheduled for Sep 16th in France, Spain, and Germany, will still go brazen as planned.

To relieve a blow for European fans, Niantic pronounced that some frequency seen Pokémon will cocktail adult in certain European cities for a brief time.

While Pokémon GO’s success led it to turn a most-downloaded app of 2016, according to Apple, seductiveness in a app has rather slim off this year. The app is still in good station as a No. 41 giveaway app worldwide on a App Store, though a hype has ragged off. While millions still play a diversion daily, it’s been reported that 4 out of 5 users have quit. Niantic has attempted to stir adult seductiveness through special releases of new Pokémon, new features, and more.

The real-world events could have also helped to replenish over players’ interest, while providing a singular knowledge for a game’s some-more revolutionary fans. Unfortunately for Niantic, there are still some kinks to work out, it seems.

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