Niantic Needs To Spell Out Exactly What’s Happening At ‘Pokémon GO Fest’ In Chicago


Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago

Yesterday, Niantic done a rather vital announcement per a skeleton for Pokémon GO this summer. Chief among a equipment that embody a Fire and Ice eventuality in Jun along with some kind of gym rework, they announced Pokémon GO Fest, a initial central vital Pokémon GO eventuality that will take place in Chicago on Jul 22nd in Grant Park.

But for such a vital event, Niantic has refused to share roughly any sum about what a eventuality indeed is. There is literally one line that describes what competence take place during Pokémon GO Fest, and it reads:

“The fun-filled day of Pokémon GO in a park will give Trainers a possibility to accommodate associate players and rivet in a accumulation of activities.”

That’s it. Though a website for a eventuality is online, there is literally 0 information on it, usually an email presentation input, a countdown timer for sheet sales (which start Jun 19th), and hotel recommendations. But literally not a singular fragment of information about a eventuality itself.

Now, this wouldn’t be a outrageous understanding as a eventuality is still a month and a half away. However, tickets go on sale in usually 10 days, and meddlesome players have to make a preference about either to container their bags, book a moody and hotel and conduct to Chicago for…whatever a ruin this is.

I wrote a extensive post yesterday about how we privately do not trust that this is some kind of disdainful Legendary eventuality that will have Mewtwo or Zapdos spawns only in this location. But I can’t contend that for sure, and a sum miss of information about this eventuality has fans scrambling to try and know what they’re being asked to attend. One of a top threads on Pokémon GO’s subreddit right now is a warning to Niantic about how they improved not make a eventuality a usually means to get a Legendary, or else they risk people quitting a diversion en masse.


Pokemon GO

I determine with this, and while we don’t trust that Niantic would be reticent adequate to make a limited-space, one-location eventuality a usually place on earth to get Legendaries, a fact stays that fans have no thought what they’re signing adult for. This is a biggest central eventuality for one of a biggest games in a universe and good before tickets go on sale, players need some-more information about what accurately they’re removing into. Instead, we have one judgment a week and a half before this deadline.

The elemental doubt is either or not whatever Niantic has designed here is value a trouble. we attended an unaccepted eventuality in Chicago’s Millennium Park last Jul when a diversion was during a rise of a popularity. It was cold to see everybody come out, though there were no tangible activities to be found. Just people station around spinning stops, battling gyms, removing things from lures. And afterwards a whole thing was close down when Pokémon GO’s servers crashed for hours (ah, a good aged days).

But how is Pokémon GO Fest going to be opposite than something like that? Is this going to be a arrange of Comic-Con form thing where it’s mostly usually about carrying a garland of players in a same space to hang out, or are there incomparable skeleton for can’t-miss activities? Will there be Legendaries? Will this gym redo furnish some arrange of new organisation activity that will be additional fun during an eventuality like this? Will there be fair games? Permanent lures? Cash and prizes? Literally any information would be acquire when you’re seeking people to group to a vital city for something like this, spending hundreds or thousands in a routine to do so. For me personally, we have to confirm either to bail on a family vacation usually to go to this thing, though if it’s usually going to be a somewhat extended chronicle of final year’s unaccepted meet-up, we don’t know if that’s value a trouble.

I have asked Niantic to criticism on a specifics of this event, and to speak about what their skeleton for Legendaries are in propinquity to a eventuality or in general, though they’ve told me they have zero some-more to share during this time. Some time in a subsequent 10 days, however, they need to find time to share information before people start fighting for tickets and engagement flights and hotels for an eventuality that no one unequivocally understands.

Again, we do not consider Grant Park will be a usually place to find Legendary Pokémon on earth, even with a existence of this event. But we do need to know what accurately is function during Pokémon GO Fest good before it takes place, and positively before tickets go on sale.

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