Niantic And The Pokémon Company Need To Understand What ‘Pokémon GO’ Has Become


If new rumblings are any indication, we are about to see Gen 3 introduced into Pokémon GO in a subsequent few weeks, and roughly positively before Christmas, during a really latest. That will make 3 generations of Pokémon tangled into Niantic’s strike in about 1.3 years, distant outstripping a gait of a handheld reflection that is on era 7 after debuting in 1999.

My regard about Pokémon GO is that both Niantic and The Pokémon Company do not entirely know what a diversion is, or what is has turn for many players. Jamming 7 generations of Pokémon into a diversion in a integrate years is unwell to residence a core needs of a diversion and a playerbase.

What both these companies destroy to comprehend is that Pokémon GO has turn a initial and/or primary Pokémon diversion for millions of players.

First, as in there is an whole era of kids who did not grow adult with Red and Blue as their initial Pokémon game, though Pokémon GO instead. Primary, as in there are 500+ million downloads of Pokémon GO, distant leading a sum of each era of diversion combined, and many players are now personification Pokémon GO exclusively when they’re not personification a handheld games on 3DS and might not play a new ones on Switch. Everyone has a phone, though not everybody will have $100-300 video diversion hardware these days.

The indicate I’m creation here is that The Pokémon Company needs to know that Pokémon GO is some-more than only a sideshow, a approach to deliver people to a judgment of Pokémon while a “real” games are on handheld. And Niantic has to stop simply transfer some-more Pokémon into a diversion focusing on exclusively “social” facilities while ignoring what should be a primary directive: creation a fun, finish and offset game.


The kind of things I’m articulate about that’s being abandoned are revamps to a conflict system, and a inclusion of NPCs in a diversion when they’re a whole core of a handheld experience. The fact that there is no loyal “endgame” to Pokémon GO, other than collecting large stacks of Legendaries and stuffing out a Pokedex. The fact that there is no trade and PvP in GO, and that a diversion has been designed in a approach that would hardly be means to support possibly of those concepts, that were so executive to a handheld experience.

My long-running speculation is that The Pokémon Company, that is so notoriously picky about what’s finished with Pokémon that it has to make certain Pikachu’s fur is a right tone of yellow, might have set tough boundary on what GO can do. Perhaps turn-based battling that mirrors a handhelds isn’t allowed. Perhaps NPCs can’t be in a game.

If that’s true, that vice-grip should be released. If not, afterwards Niantic is blank a outrageous event to reconstruct what finished Pokémon so special and beloved. Not that stream aspects of a diversion can’t continue to work, though right now, all is designed to simply accommodate some-more Pokémon, rather than operative to adjust a aspects of GO that simply do not work during all. And there is many to be finished there.

Pokémon GO is a some-more poignant diversion than anyone seems to realize, not only a mobile hit, though the introduction or primary approach that players are interacting with Nintendo/The Pokémon Company’s many renouned franchise. And Niantic needs to build a diversion estimable of that honor.

So far, we have seen really few stairs in that direction. Raids were a good introduction to a diversion until they took it over completely. But right now Pokémon GO is blank so many about what creates Pokémon, Pokémon, that there needs to be some critical soul-searching as to how to march scold before some-more players remove interest. Simply chasing after 4 some-more generations of Pokémon to dump into a furious is not going to cut it. we would be excellent loitering Gen 3 for an whole year if it meant Niantic would take a prolonged tough demeanour during a stream state of GO, and work to give it during slightest a fragment of a abyss that we knowledge in a handheld games.

Pokémon GO can be some-more than it is, and as a initial Pokémon diversion for a new era of players, both Niantic and The Pokémon Company share a shortcoming of creation certain it lives adult to a potential.

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