NFC West Q&A: Will a Rams pierce behind to LA ratchet adult multiplication rivalries?

8:43 AM ET

Today’s question: Now that a Rams are in Los Angeles, a NFC West is truly a NFC West. Do we consider that will assistance ratchet adult a turn of rivalries within a division?

Josh Weinfuss, Arizona Cardinals reporter: I’m not certain how a change of locality would amp adult a rivalry, generally if a Rams continue to be a common team. They’re 20-28 given 2013, including a 2-4 record opposite Arizona during that camber and a 7-11 record opposite a NFC West. The Rams relocating to Los Angeles will make transport easier for a Cardinals — it’s about an hour-and-change flight. It’s also easier on a sports writers — going to Los Angeles is a lot improved than going to St. Louis. (Sorry I’m not sorry, Nelly.) But vicinity won’t do most for a adversary if a Rams can’t put together a winning product on a field. It’s not like a cities of L.A. and Phoenix are rivals in a approach New York and Boston or Chicago and New York are. Once a Rams start winning and violence a Cardinals on a unchanging basis, we can call it a adversary — regardless of where a Rams play.

Michael Wagaman, San Francisco 49ers reporter: Absolutely. Rivalries are always improved when teams are closer geographically, so it should be a given that things will feverishness adult in a multiplication now that a Rams are no longer in St. Louis. That being said, a adversary between a Rams and 49ers has always been a sour one no matter where a teams called home, so we don’t design things to change. The group being in Los Angeles, however, should boost a feverishness between a two. San Francisco simply doesn’t like L.A. when it comes to sports and a same goes in reverse. Think Los Angeles Dodgers-San Francisco Giants; these teams will not be friends.

Sheil Kapadia, Seattle Seahawks reporter: Former USC manager Pete Carroll returning to Los Angeles will really be a renouned subject before a Seahawks take on a Rams in their home opener in Week 2. Overall, though, we consider a dual teams already had a flattering good adversary even when a group was in St. Louis. The Rams have played a Seahawks worse than any other group in a division. They kick Seattle twice in 2015. Rivalries rise when both teams are competitive. During a Jim Harbaugh era, a Seahawks-49ers adversary was great. Now it seems like Seahawks-Cardinals has taken over. But a veterans who have been in Seattle, along with a coaches on staff, acknowledge each year that a Rams benefaction them with a formidable matchup.

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