Next Pokemon Sun/Moon Global Mission Revealed

Although a initial Pokemon Sun/Moon Global Event was reduction than successful, a subsequent turn offers bigger rewards for a some-more medium goal.

The initial Pokemon Global Event from progressing this month tasked players with throwing 100 million Pokemon in a duration from Nov 29 to Dec 13. However, a final count fell distant brief of that idea with usually 16.5 million creatures captured. The second eventuality will usually need players around a universe to locate or better 1 million Pokemon, though they contingency be detected regulating a Island Scan underline (via

Island Scan is a new underline in Pokemon Sun/Moon that is usually accessible after earning 100 points from scanning QR codes in a game. Using Island Scan allows players to find Pokemon that exist outward a Alola segment Pokedex.

This second tellurian eventuality will start on Dec 27 4:00 UTC (8PM Monday Dec 26 PST | 11:00 PM EST) and it will run until Jan 9th 2017 23:59 UTC.

If we wish to get a start on unlocking Pokemon regulating QR codes in Sun/Moon, you can squeeze a Legendary Magearna regulating a formula found here.

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