Next Outlast to be ‘a departure’ from series, set in same star …

I can’t write about Outlast 2 though recalling Tim’s ‘charred baby pit‘ preview headline, that ideally captures a tinge of Red Barrels’ presence fear sequel. Pitches like that are a tough cover to break, we imagine, quite when a array in doubt has sole 15 million units and has accrued $64 million. 

Speaking during Berlin’s Quo Vadis discussion (via, a developer’s Philippe Morin pronounced notwithstanding his enterprise to do “something totally different” next, a success of a Outlast array is formidable to overlook. With this in mind, Red Barrels’ subsequent diversion will be “a departure” from a prior ones, reports, though will be set in a same overarching universe.    

“If you’d told me a year ago that a devise we’re now operative on was going to be a subsequent thing, we would have said, ‘Nah, we don’t consider so’,” says Morin. “It’s an inner struggle. On a one side we have to stay encouraged as a developer, though during a same time we have to consider about things as association owners.

“That’s because it took us several months to find a sweet-spot between doing something that’s going to greatfully a fans, and something that we’re driven by personally. In large studios, they can say, ‘If you’re burnt out we can always give a IP to a opposite team’. But that’s not a box here.”

Morin adds that he and his group are in a prototyping proviso of their subsequent venture, and are deliberation their budget. Outlast had a prolongation bill of $1.36 million CAD (approx £783,760/$1.06 million USD), while Outlast 2 cost 5 times that.    

“Are we going to need a same kind of budget?” asks Morin. “Can it be lower? Right now, we don’t know. All we know is that we always make certain we have options on a table: devise A, B, C and D. When we get to a river, we confirm that overpass we wish to cross. 

“I always tell a group that, given a studio is owned by developers, a interests as developers is as critical as a interests as shareholders. We don’t wish to change that.”’s news from Berlin’s Quo Vadis discussion can be read in full here.

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