Next Final Fantasy Game Could Be Open-World Again; FF15 Director Talks Zelda: Breath of a Wild

One of a many important elements of Final Fantasy XV is a open world. Barring a series’ MMO installments, XV facilities one of a biggest settings in a Final Fantasy diversion to date, and it seems a destiny installment could also have a likewise vast world.

GameSpot got to pronounce with Final Fantasy XV executive Hajime Tabata during PAX West, and among a topics he discussed was what he would like to grasp with his subsequent project. While he didn’t contend for certain either or not his group would again take an open-world approach, Tabata did provoke that a diversion would during slightest give players a same feeling.

“It’s tough to contend during this indicate if a whole diversion is gonna be formed on an open world,” Tabata said. “But we would contend that a altogether knowledge that users get from personification in a large area, that altogether diversion knowledge is something that we’re gonna make certain is in a subsequent plan as well.”

Tabata also common his thoughts on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild and what his group could learn from Nintendo’s critically acclaimed title. While he says he hasn’t privately played a diversion nonetheless since he hasn’t been means to find a Switch, he has listened all about it from his group and would like to emanate a identical knowledge with his possess team’s expertise.

“I’ve listened a lot from a dev group and their reactions to carrying played it. But only from conference a stories and a feedback, we know, we can tell that it’s a unequivocally finish game,” Tabata said. “It’s unequivocally polished, roughly a ideal diversion in that regard. And a goals are substantially to take that knowledge that players felt with Breath of a Wild, though with a possess record and a possess know-how.

“We have in a ordering to emanate a very, unequivocally high-quality diversion with a clever visible component to it, while formulating a universe that’s unequivocally immersive and unequivocally beautiful. That’s substantially a goals in terms of what we wish to be with a subsequent project.”

You can review a full talk with Tabata tomorrow. Final Fantasy XV is accessible for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; a diversion arrives on PC early subsequent year and will underline mod support. Square Enix has pronounced it has no goal of censoring mods, even bare ones, a association says a kinds that players emanate could impact destiny mod support.

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