New We Happy Few Clockwork Update Gets Us … – Game Debate

So if you’re anything like us, we were substantially really vehement when We Happy Few expelled on Steam Early Access and GOG’s Games In Development in July. Painting a design of a British multitude somewhere in between that of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil and 2002’s, Christian Bale starring, Equilibrium, we are thrown into a dystopian total state where everybody is constantly unperceiving with mood enhancing ‘Joy’. How could we not get excited? Understandably, what we got to play with was nowhere nearby a finished product and so sadly fell a small prosaic in places. But fear not nonetheless associate Wellies, as Wellington Wells has only been strike by a diversion changer of an update, dubbed a Clockwork Update, we can’t pierce for improvements right now.

One wouldn’t be means to contend that this refurbish finishes We Happy Few, that is still utterly a approach off during this point, though it seems to have taken a large jump in a right direction. Watch a video next to have some of a devs take we by some of a changes, though to summarise, some-more story seems to be being added, visible updates are about, softened NPC and query communication and a finish renovate of a game’s scripting has put We Happy Few in a flattering good position to take off from.

Sadly these changes, we suppose mostly a book overhaul, means that any saves before to a refurbish will sadly be lost, though this is to be approaching with games in early growth and with a advantages of such a change being a ability to repair bugs on a worldwide scale, we can see a value of this sacrifice. For a bit some-more info see a video below…

So what d’you think? Do we consider this is a good step towards a dystopian RPG that we craved when we saw a initial trailer? Or do we consider it’s still too distant off to be means scrupulously get into yet? Let us know in a comments below!

You can check out a full patch records here.

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