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Developer Hello Games has overhauled No Man’s Sky‘s save complement to try and make it easier to conduct saves between diversion modes. 

The new complement has 5 save slots. If we name an dull container you’ll be taken to a diversion mode name shade before we start a new game, and there’s no extent to how many saves we can have for a sold diversion mode: we could have 5 saves from a same mode if we like. Any existent saves will map to a 5 slots.

Also, any save has dual underling slots, one for automobile saves (when exiting your ship, dying, purchasing a Freighter or claiming a base), and one for primer saving during save points or beacons.

Hello Games has twice patched issues with save games in a past integrate of months, so here’s anticipating a new complement is bug-free.

The new patch creates a series of other changes, a many engaging of that is to a player’s Analysis Visor. The visor can now indicate plantation plants and see their remaining expansion time, indicate ships during a stretch and see their class, form and value, and decider a estimate stretch of resources detected with a Scanner, another actor tool. 

An army of bugs are squashed, too, including errors in a goal complement that would make it unfit to finish smoothness missions or incidentally change goal mandate when we spoke to NPCs.

Read a full patch records here.

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